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  1. Okay Andrea - Get ready for a road trip to kick someone's a**
  2. Disabled Vet Offers to Mow Lawns to Save His Dog
  3. FDA - Chenango Valley Pet Foods Recall
  4. I got my "Preparing Fido" CD
  5. Menu Foods Bullying Pet Owners!
  6. Dogs & Cancer
  7. How to Green your pet
  8. Man eats dog in protest against fox hunt
  9. TX lab finds pain medication in pet foods
  10. Calif. considers bill requiring pets be sterilized
  11. Beware of buying a dog online
  12. Katrina Pets
  13. 76 yr old Golfer saves drowning dog
  14. Florida and the Humane Society vs. a pet store
  15. FDA issues new safety rules for vitamins
  16. For every step forward, there are 20 backwards
  17. Presidental candidate straps dog to roof of car!!
  18. Article in Baby Magazine advocating euthanasia
  19. Article about PA Puppy Mills
  20. Chi dragged behind a SUV on a leash
  21. LH Doxie nurses kitten found under SUV hood
  22. Tabloid dachshund....
  23. The dark side of dog parks...
  24. This Falcons fan
  25. Dog Fighting Cruelty - NFL Michael Vick
  26. Welcome Home party for abused dog
  27. Grrr another recall "Natural Balance"
  28. NDR - Tiny Dog Saves Baby from Rattlesnake
  29. It's That Time Again - SSP is trying to win a grant
  30. Nursing home for elderly pets to open
  31. City workers free trapped dog from sewer pipe
  32. On Larry King now
  33. Company offers pet-sharing service for busy city dwellers
  34. Why no one on this board is a collector
  35. Keep your dogs safe in the summer
  36. this is just unheard of.
  37. Brilliant Idea!!!!
  38. Finally, An Abuser Gets What They Deserve!
  39. Just hate people sometimes
  40. Four Legged War Heroes
  41. Dachsies on the decline?
  42. Michael Vick Jury Selection
  43. VICK pleas
  44. Chicken Strips pulled from Walmart shelfs
  45. My angry email might appear in Baby Talk magazine (regarding aggressive dogs)
  46. Great article on Vick.
  47. Blind Dapple and his Man
  48. Vick Plea Agreement
  49. Pdda?
  50. Vick Trading Card Auction
  51. Not a dog but such a good rescue story
  52. Got pampered rotten spoiled dog photos?
  53. Tribute Statue Must Appear "Neutered"!
  54. Whoopi defends Vic
  55. Yes, he was left $12M but I feel sorry for him
  56. dog burning new trend?
  57. Our Canine Heroes of 9/11
  58. Officer KILLS K-9 partner!
  59. The reason why dogs should be restrained/crated when riding in a car
  60. Dog Toy Recall - Wal Mart
  61. BRAVO Raw announcing a recall.....
  62. Educating our children is the key.
  63. "Loving" your pet into an early grave
  64. 200 dogs rescued from puppy mill in TX
  65. Andrea, this one's for you...
  66. Dachshund Archaeoligist
  67. WTF is wrong with this person
  68. Abandoned puppy mill found with dogs
  69. Article about Degeneres case. Good things about rescue groups in general
  70. Protect your pets on Halloween
  71. Lisa Montgomery found guilty!
  72. Lobster Run!
  73. San Diego Fires
  74. Burned puppy is recovering
  75. Fix Houston
  76. Shelter may now become kill shelter
  77. Why you need to microchip your dog(s)......
  78. Rescuing Sprite
  79. How sweeett!!!
  80. Dachshund parade starts festivities
  81. Makers of tainted dog food to pay $3.1 million
  82. Vick could get out a year early!!
  83. Hans The Therapy Doxie!
  84. Enter your pup in the Doggie oscar contest
  85. Pet Food Doc
  86. Owner pleads for dog on death row
  87. Some Food For Thought...
  88. Does this cat really enjoy this?
  89. Why do Doxies never win Westminster?
  90. Yahoo news article (hanky alert)
  91. NDR a heart warming story with a happy ending
  92. How to deal with a pet's death
  93. BAd Vet??
  94. Piglet joins Dachshund litter
  95. Dog Mountain
  96. 200 lb mastiff donates blood
  97. New piglet, doxie photos plus background
  98. Volunteers give love, time to help dogs seized from puppy mills
  99. Turd-Herding
  100. Recall Hartz Moutain vitamin care for cats
  101. O holy Cr@p!
  102. Jerry's ball machine
  103. CUTE dachshund blog!
  104. Piglet, Doxie puppies at six weeks
  105. Pet wheel cart
  106. Article in Doxidelights News letter
  107. Dog thrown off the overpass survives
  108. Link with more info on Oprah puppy mills show
  109. Clicker train your husband (sorta)
  110. Sharon Stone has a dachshund!
  111. Pigle will stay with wiener dog family
  112. Loyal dachshund returns to owner's funeral
  113. LA spay/neuter spree
  114. Dog in a shelter adopts litter of kittens
  115. Nutro-Fed Pets - Warning
  116. MOst common mistakes pet owners make
  117. Drivers kills the dog and now suing the dog owners?
  118. Link to Heroic Weiner Dog Story
  119. CTDR on the local news for puppy mill rescue
  120. They are Finally Getting It!!
  121. Sex in the City, (the movie)...
  122. Puppy stolen near my parents' house
  123. Awesome Dog Video, nondoxie in body, but certainly doxie in spirit!
  124. doxie vs. bear!
  125. FDA Requests Seizure of Animal Food Products at PETCO Distribution Center IL
  126. Pit Bull from Vick Case Has His Day
  127. Noise phobias in dogs
  128. Toronto Dogs are being poisoned.
  129. Wheelchair pushing Doxie!
  130. Potential treatment for dachsies?
  131. Dog fancy
  132. Dachshund...the most aggressive breed?
  133. Awesome letter to the editor
  134. Greatest American Dog
  135. Attack of the killer dachsies...
  136. Five years and 850 miles later....
  137. Petnappings on the rise
  138. 44 pound cat's owner found
  139. United Football League wants Vick
  140. 1000 doxie kennel shut down in WV.
  141. Dog protects abandoned newborn
  142. Doggie doctors
  143. Evacuation from New Orleans. Pets are not left behind this time
  144. Do Dogs Have Morals?
  145. Three legged dog back on all fours
  146. Dogs dials 911
  147. news of snooter and professor
  148. Cheating pets
  149. Man punches shark to rescue his pup
  150. Young boy dogs often let the girls win
  151. Doxie Benedict On Cover Of Spca
  152. It's me or the dog is in the US
  153. Awww one of those happy ending stories
  154. This has to STOP-dog chaining in AZ
  155. Dog hero rescues newborn kittens.
  156. Breeders surrendering their dogs to shelters - dachshund related
  157. Pets Are Talking
  158. Another War Story: Wag the Tail
  159. A friend sent this to me
  160. Peru offers bald dog of Incas to Obama family
  161. Petland Stores and Puppy Mills
  162. California Voters - Emergency - Sunday Session
  163. HOORAY - A Happy Ending Microchip Story.
  164. Rescue group kills dog
  165. Scrap the toxic Thanksgiving treats
  166. This is some kid!
  167. Welcome Home Daddy!!
  168. Lost dachshund in GA
  169. Frozen to a sidewalk
  170. Puppies save 3 year old from freezing!!!
  171. 2008 Animal Planet Hero of the Year
  172. Really? You thought it was a poemeranian?
  173. Vick's dogs...the best revenge
  174. Hotel for Dogs
  175. NDR - Thought I'd Share - Kinda Long
  176. Dog Rescues Kittens From Burning House
  177. Dog found after 6 month survived rough winter somehow.
  178. Hounds - Westminster is tonight
  179. Hahns featured in the Feb DRNA Newsletter
  180. Dangerous Dog Toy
  181. Cooliez!
  182. puppy cam
  183. Stump
  184. 40 doxies rescued.........
  185. GOOSIE 2001 - Oldie but Goosie
  186. Burger King ad...with doxie
  187. duct taped dogs
  188. Carrie Underwood song
  189. World's oldest dog - 20 yr. old Doxie!
  190. F Y I - Pet Products under investigation
  191. Puppy Mill Story will be on this Friday night 3/27 on Nightline - ABC
  192. 86,000 Americans fall because of their pets
  193. How could they live like that?
  194. Look What I Found
  195. Humane society here put 0 animals to sleep in 2008
  196. Does anyone feed Nutro Dog Food? Warning....
  197. Puppy Mill closes down in Williamsport, PA
  198. Chihuahua blown away by the wind
  199. 10 mistakes new pet owners make
  200. Old Dogs Are The Best Dogs
  201. The Dog Whisperer Speaks Out Against Puppy Mills
  202. Sarasota dog hits it big time
  203. Update on Nutro dog food
  204. Chanel is 21 years young today!!
  205. Oprah - Animals plus a local connection!
  206. awww dog hit in NY and another one protected it
  207. Smallest dog in the world?
  208. NDR Nutro Cat food voluntary recall
  209. Bailey, the dog, accidentally calls the cops
  210. Wow that wild Chihuahua
  211. I was lost. How about you?
  212. FYI Deadly Pet Products?
  213. 400 dogs seized from WA puppy mill
  214. "Three Injured In Rear End Accident" NDR
  215. UPDATE 2-FDA approves Pfizer cancer drug for dogs
  216. Dachsie taking care of abandoned baby tiger
  217. Bella the dog and her friend Tara the elephant
  218. Humane Society, suspended NFL star Michael Vick to work together
  219. just saw this! WTH!?!?
  220. Did you all read this??
  221. It's dangerous to leave your dogs outside...
  222. Wiener Nationals pics
  223. miniature Dachshund at lake on muggy day - ** updated website**
  224. Michael Jackson
  225. Pabst, the winner of the World's Ugliest Dog contest
  226. 500 Dogs Taken from puppy mill in TX.
  227. Need better background checks for these guys...
  228. Boy bites dachshund; parents blamed.
  229. Dachshund on stage - Dog Handel-er
  230. Drunken badger disrupts traffic in Germany
  231. Pet Flights
  232. Researchers discover evolutionary event underlying the origin of dachshunds
  233. Another resilient dachshund
  234. Ouch! That's got to hurt!!
  235. Weinermobile accident.
  236. Your dog's bite could bankrupt you
  237. Pretty Cool!
  238. 110 dogs removed from a home. 150 are dead
  239. Great Dog Rescue-not a dox, but...
  240. This is why
  241. He wants what??
  242. Henrietta the danicng doxie!!
  243. Judge awards custody of dog, declaring that dogs are furniture!
  244. Dog Survives Being Tossed Off 6-Story Building
  245. Vick starts his community service?? Huh??
  246. Your family dog may be smarter than your toddler
  247. Hall of Fame sees negative reaction to Vick
  248. World's Tallest Dog Dies
  249. I hope they get jail time
  250. Wiener Dog Races-Seattle video