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  1. FDR Members' House Burns, 15 dogs all safe
  2. Dogs lower anxiety among heart patients in study
  3. Narcoleptic Doxie
  4. Update date on Angel Dewey
  5. Multimillion dollar law suit against Greenies
  6. Sweet Pea
  7. Tips to keep you pets safe during the holidays.
  8. Dachsie---therapy dog
  9. Hans the wonderweiner
  10. Article on pet stains
  11. Dogs Laugh!
  12. Uh oh...Dachsie in trouble for barking!
  13. Killing with kindness
  14. Dog breeder in trouble!
  15. Man Sues Dog?
  16. Congrats to everyone who complained to Ebay
  17. Pet Issurance in Vienna, Austria
  18. Dog Owner Look Alike Contest
  19. Missing dog found....
  20. Waldi the Dachshund, 72 Munich Olympic Games Mascot
  21. Michael Jackson being sued
  22. Annual product picks of the year 2005
  23. Is your pet single?
  24. Top ten dogs
  25. AC Eucanuba Championship in Tampa, FL
  26. The Dog Whisperer
  27. Akc
  28. Good dachsie!
  29. Packing on the pounds..
  30. I say let the inmates KICK him
  31. Wirehaired on Top!!
  32. And what does this mean?
  33. A pet's paradise
  34. Dog shelter owners -cruelty
  35. Pet place link...
  36. Dogs alert family to fire
  37. Pet cremation
  38. Dog Park Dating Tips?
  39. Man Shoots Dog for Soiling Carpet
  40. Tail docking
  41. Pound unfit for animals
  42. Great rehab to open!
  43. Woman..if that's what you want to call her
  44. Hey---a HEDGEHOG STORY
  45. Shelter refuses to give back dog
  46. What would happen to your pets
  47. Dachshunds celebrate at South Beach
  48. City offers FREE neutering
  49. Duchie in the newspaper
  50. What a HORRIBLE accident!
  51. Wonderdog!
  52. Internet dog buyers beware
  53. Former shelter dog takes top honors at show
  54. What the *.^%#!@
  55. Local Pet Shelter Being Investigated
  56. Help change KS animal cruelty statue
  57. Dumped animals
  58. Drug mule dog to become narc!
  59. artifical sweetener warning
  60. Doxie Saves Family
  61. I just do not understand people
  62. Westminster Show is Mon & Tues
  63. Stupid Breeder
  64. Popular dog treat killing dogs
  65. Bad grooming
  66. Westminster Dog Show
  67. Vivy the whippet escapes at JFK Airport
  68. Hey New Yorkers...JFK Vacinity...HELP
  69. Dealing Dogs Documentary
  70. One for Our Side
  71. Dogs instead of pesticides!
  72. Something to think about
  73. Katrina Aftermath Includes Puppy Boom
  74. Calling All Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana Dachshunds
  75. An
  76. A lucky Sheppard
  77. Add Another Fear to Your List
  78. Lucky Dog
  79. Shocking story....
  80. They are still hoping to find the whippet
  81. Peta
  82. barking for 10 min in 2 hours and you will be fined
  83. news stories
  84. My Meetup Group in the Post!
  85. Article on Vivi - Missing Pooch - UPDATE
  86. Ina in the New York Times--DRNA mentioned in adoption article
  87. Check who is on the cover of this book!
  88. found a new doxie"stuff" website
  89. This Is Awesome!!!!!
  90. Man sues airline after dog dies
  91. Vet blog
  92. Tv Alert Tv Alert!!!
  93. saw this story today...
  94. F Y I Warning on Cocoa Mulch
  95. For Bella's Mom
  96. From the Prof
  97. Wienie dog races and get together???
  98. How Picasso fell for a dachshund
  99. Cool Giveaway!
  100. GA Puppy Mill Auction
  101. Dog influenza!!
  102. Little Dog Saves Owner
  103. Dog Whisperer being sued
  104. NDR The Importance/Value of a Microchip ID
  105. Good Things Coming Out of Katrina
  106. Year of the Dog portraits
  107. Another Hoarder shut down
  108. Animal Hoarding Links
  109. A Silver Lining??
  110. Delta Airlines messes up with downed doxie
  111. Pet owners and Bird flu
  112. dog fed beer and doughnuts
  113. Dieting with dogs
  114. We roared and our voices were heard! - followup to Patrice's Katrina link
  115. Dog Radio in Thailand
  116. A very lucky dog
  117. A Great Day
  118. Crippled Doxie in the news...
  119. Freeze fried beef and salmon can cause human illness
  120. Beware...July 4th comes in with another "BANG"
  121. Philadelphi Inquirer article on puppy mills
  122. Interview at the Dog Pound
  123. Interview at the Dog Pound, Part II
  124. Emily & Henry
  125. Scruffy's law put to the test
  126. Feeling Like People Don't SUCK? Let me fix that.
  127. bedford county va mans fortune goes to animal shelter
  128. Tissue alert - story on pit bull seizure
  129. Terrible news story from China !!
  130. Big Stuffy Attack!
  131. Please sign this petition!
  132. Why dogs shouldn't guard teddy bears
  133. Cinder and Tweed would like to announce!
  134. Some dogs carry "contagious" cancer
  135. Dell Battery recall!
  136. Hunte Corp
  137. F Y I Paper Shredder Dangers
  138. Hurricane watch for FL!!!!
  139. I can't believe it....
  140. Patricia McConnell's new book on dogs and emotions
  141. Another thing to be aware of...
  142. Tammy Grimes arrested for rescuing dying chained dog
  143. Who poisoned Norman?
  144. A vet against over-vacinations!!!
  145. How much is it going to take...
  146. Did ya'll hear!!!!
  147. A S P C A success story of the week
  148. From Lebanon to the US
  149. NDR - Reward offered on my local news
  150. Local pet shop owner prosecuted
  151. MSN Article on Vaccinations
  152. Prisoners Help 'Death Row' Dogs
  153. Dachsie in Open Season
  154. Car safety for Dogs
  155. SpeedRacer is famous
  156. Can you imagine??
  157. Cash and I were on TV!
  158. Bobo Commercial is a HUGE Success
  159. La. police: Puppy gnawed off baby's toes - NDR
  160. Boy battles hawk to save dachshund
  161. NDR but a great Christmas story
  162. Update on baby's toes being chewed
  163. Doxiedelight has a story about Mozart
  164. Update on GA puppy cruelty story.
  165. over 100 animals taken from a local home
  166. 23 Greyhounds Found Dead, 'Experienced Prolonged Suffering' at Alabama Race Track
  167. Austrailian Doxie Hero
  168. Dachshunds are closing in in Houston!
  169. PTS before Rescue could get him.
  170. $15,000 - 20,000 dog missing in KC *UPDATE*
  171. It's not doxies, or even dogs...but...
  172. Puppies put in a dumpster!!!
  173. Please sign this petition! US Soldiers Taunt Crippled Dog
  174. Dachshund faces death for biting in England
  175. Dallas council approves doggie dining
  176. Dangers of Invisible Fence!!!
  177. Video of the NE Humane Society
  178. There Is NO Justice
  179. Suspect bites dog; dog bites back!
  180. Dachshund Greta
  181. Pit bull scarfs down $5,000 wedding ring
  182. Interesting Article on the Cost of Proper Dog Ownership
  183. Why people love dogs
  184. Abuse database
  185. Dog groomer cuts off dog's ear then glues it back on.
  186. Woman saves puppy tossed from truck.
  187. Dog saves woman from freezing
  188. Pit Bull attack - man loses hand
  189. Shelter forced to kill 1,000 animals....
  190. Ergonomically correct dog dish
  191. Firefighters carry doggie masks
  192. Empty nests breed pampered pets
  193. Freak accident in Chicago electrocutes dog..
  194. Mama cat adopts Rottweiler puppy
  195. As pets live longer, doggie dementia on the rise
  196. Katrina leading to better pet rescue efforts
  197. OMG...an ANTI REscue Group
  198. AKC survey allowing mixed breeds to participate in preformance sports
  199. Dachshund on Animal Precinct...
  200. Pet-loving couples enlist Spot to help them tie the knot
  201. Featured dog in Doxie Delight - GOOSEMan
  202. One of the bad side effects of breeding! UPDATE
  203. Teaching your dog to target
  204. Doxie missing since OCT 05 Found in the Bronx!!
  205. Spring Break Traveling with Pets
  206. PRODUCT RECALL!! Pig Ears
  207. Woman admitted to killing 650 animals :o(
  208. F Y I Pet Safety Act
  209. Missing dog's head delivered to the 17 year old girl's front door
  210. Abandoned Dog
  211. Fulll List of recalled dog and cat food
  212. They killed 7 dogs, just to be sure (Pet Food Contamination)
  213. Manufacturer says pet food isn't contaminated
  214. Want A Designer Dog? Check a Shelter
  215. They arested the suspect in the dog head story.
  216. The Dachshund Decline?
  217. Cheetahs and dogs
  218. Trying to blame dachsie for this
  219. $50M lawsuit against RC in Canada
  220. Updated info on recalled foods from AVMA
  221. Found after 4 years! Thanks to the microchip
  222. Want a designer dog? Check the pound
  223. California man gets jail time for abusing puppy
  224. Fire at Jacksonville, Fla SPCA
  225. NY Times Magazine article on Austin shelter
  226. Virginia Tech
  227. Melamine found in Natural Balance
  228. Pet-food chemical possibly intentional
  229. FDA Apr 22, UPDATE
  230. My girls are in the NEWS!!!
  231. Happy Ending
  232. Pet Food Legislation
  233. California Healthy Pets Act
  234. LiveSmart Weight Management recall
  235. FDA another recall.... 4-26-07
  236. Blue Buffalo Recalls Can and Biscuit Products Due To Tampering By American Nutrition
  237. Prices, rules, etc in NY
  238. Buda Weiner Dog Races in the News
  239. Family Fitness on KC news - walking the dog
  240. Not a doxy.... But I loved this video!!!
  241. Chicken feed tainted.....
  242. FDA - Menu Foods Adds to Recall List
  243. The greatest title in agility
  244. Mile Wide Tornado Hits Greensburg Kansas
  245. When I die can my dog come too?
  246. Chinese firm dodged inspection of pet food, U.S. says
  247. FDA/USDA joint news release.... Yeah, right...
  248. Mans sudden death leaves 4 way custoday battle
  249. Farmed fish fed contaminated feed
  250. This is where "free to a good home" pets end up