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  1. Our walkie!!
  2. Sunday evenings walk...
  3. Talk about an adventure!!!!
  4. Mr. Popularity!
  5. How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck can chuck wood?
  6. Why Pixel Why?!? (Picture Heavy)
  7. Killer instincts again!
  8. Aversion to clean sheets and made Beds
  9. A Sign I May Be ... Weird
  10. Okay, if we can't get a groundhog, then can we escape the yard?
  11. AHHHHH! Oh, popcorn!
  12. Bestest Day Ever
  13. Mr. Separation Anxiety Strikes Again!
  14. Morning Stroll
  15. Trixie's advice on how to catch great bugs for snacks
  16. Weirdos
  17. Juney and Trixie's bad breath!
  18. We've got a floater!! (Not THAT kind)
  19. Doxie Mind-Trick
  20. I seriously dislike my very stupid neighbors
  21. Daddy - dis ain't funny
  22. Lizard Kings
  23. CAS Saga continues- anyone familiar with squirrel behavior?
  24. Dremmels and Ear Mites and Vets...Oh My!!!
  25. Our trip to the Country
  26. Buddy May Not Be a Wiener Dog
  27. Too funny Teddy....
  28. Evidently The Weirdo Bug Has Migrated To MS
  29. Rabbit Alert! Rabbit Alert!
  30. How the heck do you........
  31. Bella Caught a Rabbit!
  32. Don't mess with Mommy!
  33. Agility weekend...
  34. mikey and swiffer...not the best of friends
  35. Pogo's really bad weekend
  36. Hey! Was that an owl???!!!
  37. Adventures in Mudder Sitting
  38. A tiny houseguest
  39. man i feel old....went to the dog park
  40. update on the tiny houseguest
  41. Mama, I'm stuck! There's a needle! And other scary Rigby tales...
  42. Video of doxie race
  43. I thought Butters went down...
  44. LMAO- funniest thing Rigby's ever done!
  45. Mr. Butters' public service
  46. Hewp me pweeeze
  47. We're Sooo Confused Here
  48. Otto, AKA Mr. Weatherman
  49. Got A Sofa Ramp
  50. We are going to be on TV!
  51. Boo!!! Scaring Miss Rigby!
  52. Narcoleptic Dachsie?
  53. Lovers and "Hatas" at the park
  54. Mr. Butters and Rigby Versus the Pit Bull
  55. The worst minute of my life!
  56. HUH? Cricket is so cornfused
  57. A week without daddy....how will they survive?
  58. The Boys at the Dog Resort
  59. New delicacy according to Juney and Trixie
  60. My first vent....
  61. Ground squirrels are for eating, Mom!
  62. Doxie Small Game Hunting in Season
  63. The boys are home...
  64. Don't Poop THERE!!!
  65. So Sad Dolly
  66. a slithery day
  67. A BIG BOBO mistake!!!!
  68. Mr. Butters, Bug Killa
  69. Caught in the act!!
  70. Rough Night
  71. The shelters dog walk
  72. NDR but still kinda cool!!
  73. Tyrone is a RATTER!!
  74. Cooper is an Escape Artist!
  75. Cricket the Guardian
  76. Only kind of a wiener adventure....
  77. Git da BUG!!!!!(with pics!)
  78. Break out!!
  79. Darwin's Day Out
  80. Mustang Miller
  81. So Smart...yet so dippy
  82. Back from CVS
  83. Monday humor
  84. Our Hiking Adventure
  85. Cooper-Dini Strikes Again!
  86. Bailey, meet Mr. Skunk...
  87. Corvette Cash at the Car Show
  88. Lizard Refugee Babysitting- Dachshunds + Lizards = funny
  89. Otto Alarm
  90. The evil afghan!!!
  91. Snooter Escapes
  92. Happy Easter?
  93. How To Make Your Puppers Exhausted
  94. Wet puppers
  95. On Patrol
  96. Caught in the Act!
  97. Things we do for our dachsies
  98. Running free alone in the house
  99. Watching TV
  100. Cocoa goes on a cocoa binge
  101. Tasha vs the Woodchuck!
  102. Hiking Adventure~and creepy guy encounter
  103. Juney kills a sweater...RIP
  104. Rigby has a crush on Justin timberlake!
  105. Weiner On The Loose!!!!!!!
  106. Snooter the sandwich caper
  107. Bailey the wanna-be sandwich stealer...
  108. Molly Saves Mommy
  109. Mitzi the brownie stealer
  110. Neighborhood dog
  111. Darwin's Demand
  112. Pippit's Adventure in Donut Land!
  113. How lazy is YOUR dog?
  114. Weenie Wrestling!
  115. The Latest, Greatest Food Theft Story
  116. The Baby
  117. The Professor Pounces
  118. Sleeping Arrangements
  119. Musical bones
  120. Leave it to my dad the big goof
  121. Nicknames
  122. A cute Nail experience :)
  123. Where In The Dlc World Is The Low Rider?
  124. Sam, what are you doing??
  125. Cool HOUND Facts:
  126. Today Is the Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  127. I think Speedy is mad at me.
  128. Shadow is officially a hunter!
  129. Thor the mighty hunter
  130. Darwin the Dipstick...not so much
  131. CRAP!!! Someone grab my weiner!!
  132. Heidi & Princess and the opposum
  133. Chili Beans and Broccoli
  134. Do yours do this??
  135. Earthdog practice
  136. I'm about to do something stupid!
  137. Playing Favorites
  138. Sassy and her christmas toys.
  139. Torturing Rigby
  140. Cocoa on a Fruit Delights Binge this time...
  141. Where, oh Where is the Low Rider now???
  142. Oooooh, look at all these boys!!!
  143. Oh he's pizzzzzzed
  144. We had a dachsie visitor today!
  145. Lived to tell the Tale
  146. Tasha's newest obsession - sea gulls
  147. My New Year's Day Supper
  148. Tell Me About The Last Time Your Pupper Embarassed You
  149. HELP!!!! My pillow's haunted!
  150. What does getting to spend all day outside get ya?
  151. Darwin Was GOOD!!!
  152. Rigby and her "prey"
  153. Now what would you say.......
  154. Heated Seats for the Princess
  155. ME HATE RAIN! -A memoir
  156. The dog in the mirror.
  157. What is this stuff???
  158. That look
  159. What's the latest on the low rider
  160. Hound Dog Nose Appreciation
  161. Adventures In Babysitting
  162. Dachshund Counter Surfing/How I lost my reeces
  163. Oscar the thief and why my husband is mad
  164. Low-la is going shopping!
  165. Spiteful Heidi!
  166. You must play with me NOW!
  167. It's not like I don't feed them!
  168. If you want a Low Rider, do not check e-bay
  169. A note from Owen Weenie
  170. How To Get A Bad Night's Sleep
  171. Pippit's Fowl Adventures
  172. Adult speak
  173. While mommy was goose watching.....
  174. Rigby's new routine
  175. Grrrt is a Goiter
  176. Pearl's Session With the Communicator
  177. Walkydog Bike Ride
  178. We lived with gramma!
  179. How Trixie, the Southern Belle, handles cold
  180. Yuck, he did it again.
  181. Bailey won't stop farting.
  182. Guess what happened at 5:30am?
  183. Too Smart for His Own Good
  184. The Continuing Saga of Darwin, too smart for me
  185. Rub a dub dub, two weens in a tub
  186. An open letter to my dogs
  187. MY Crazy Night
  188. GOOSEMan is 17 !!!!!
  189. Peaches did the cutest thing today!
  190. Revenge of the Butters...
  191. I have snow bunnies in my backyard!!!!!
  192. Yet another Speedy tale
  193. Shushing with Kisses
  194. Poor Mitzi
  195. Oh dear god save me
  196. Go figure it out
  197. So she thinks she is pretty funny...
  198. I am SO embarassed!
  199. Mother's Little Helpers
  200. Pippit~Offleashed
  201. Snooter and the rug
  202. No thanks, I'll take the elevator
  203. Why are we going to Home Depot at 8am on a Monday?
  204. Crazy doxies
  205. Austin Scared the Crap Outta Me
  206. Where do you take a spoiled boy for his birthday????
  207. Wiiling to trade
  208. Car Show for Cash
  209. Trixie turns white!
  210. Oscar just had a date with 2 huge dogs
  211. We are back :)
  212. Reese's Reading from the animal communicator...
  213. Froggy's Bar Brawl!!!
  214. Juney and Trixie had a girl's night out
  215. tonight on Pay Per View Bailey-v-Rug Doctor
  216. Miller's Trip to the Garden Center
  217. Adjusting (Kizzie & Lizzie)
  218. Speedy Adventure
  219. The galloping lab and the flexilead!
  220. BigBen
  221. Dolly's Bath
  222. Smarty pants Dash
  223. Dexter Gardening Inc.
  224. I think I will av to buy him his own
  225. Northern VA MeetUp - 18 March
  226. Bob Barker's awesome first flight.....
  227. I'm exhausted!!!
  228. He's going to be the death of me...
  229. Springtime Low rider World Tour continues...
  230. Scooby is a daddy's boy!
  231. Molly's Adventure's Of The Day!!!
  232. Walking Calamity
  233. Darwin Reading Mar. 21, 2007
  234. Darwin Adventure
  235. The Last Rawhide Curl....
  236. Red male smoothie dachshund day at the vet
  237. Confessions of a Wiener Dog
  238. The Poison Dwops are Back!
  239. Cesar Milan Adopted a Dachshund!
  240. Have you ever put 7 doxies in a hallway??
  241. Bedtime Stealth Attack
  242. Dachshund Featured on Animal Planet...
  243. Alex at the Spa...
  244. Who Needs a Leash....
  245. GOOSEMan feet never hit the ground
  246. He can use the ramp! -now with pics and videos!
  247. Daisy is smarter than we are (Thank goodness)
  248. He Loves His Sissy!
  249. Geoff won't eat her treats.
  250. Nail Biter?