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  1. My babies were angels this morning!!
  2. Some people are jerks!
  3. OW, that's my foot!
  4. Whining for Attention
  5. The Professor Vs. The Ice Chest
  6. Careful how you refer to your pets
  7. Mr. Attitude
  8. Guess what Mitzi has been up to?
  9. Snow (sorry kinda long)
  10. Bailey and Reese hate Santa
  11. Bad table manners
  12. Awert, Awert
  13. Snowstorm in the Northeast
  14. asking permission
  15. O Christmas tree O Christmas tree
  16. Charlie learns from Po
  17. Why is it
  18. Snickers the great hunter!
  19. It's official my herd does not like ice
  20. Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
  21. Molly Braggin'!
  22. Another Petsmart trip, another friend
  23. Christmas Helpers
  24. Meeting went well...
  25. Which one do I pway wit?
  26. We're back!
  27. Scooter went to the Dog Park!
  28. Jogging Lesson #1
  29. Ruby's big adventure
  30. Weiner with Mayo?
  31. Could I have a bit of privacy??
  32. Dolly's Treat At the Dogpark
  33. Nudgies time anyone?
  34. We is VEWWY jealous!
  35. Animal Control at the Dog Park!
  36. So close, and yet so far
  37. Grrrt Got Annoyed
  38. We don't got a pitcher....
  39. Cricket was pooped yesterday.
  40. The world is a safer place
  41. Trade you for your chips!
  42. Seattle Doxie meetup
  43. San Antonio Dachshund Meetup 1-21-06
  44. Bad Babysitting
  45. It's Alliivveeee
  46. Poor Starvin' Doggie
  47. Sneaky Sneaky Cricket
  48. Auggie the Bird Hunter
  49. Turbo the Con Artist
  50. Show us Bath Time pics!!!!
  51. Vacation photos...
  52. Cadburry Dachsie
  53. Good old howlin
  54. Workin' The System
  55. Mr. Butters latest trick
  56. What the !??!
  57. I Got Snuggled!
  58. Otto's Snack While I Nap
  59. Our Latest Dog Park Day
  60. Miss Dog
  61. long lost weiner finds his way home..
  62. Buddy and Stormer
  63. HELP - my sheers
  64. Oink! Oink!
  65. all snuggled up
  66. Pippit and Dunkin Donuts
  67. pups wrestling
  68. Poor Bella
  69. 1 week later
  70. Evil Laika, Bad Mom
  71. Now we need a package every day!
  72. carpet hill
  73. 1st park trip
  74. Our friend is coming!!!
  75. Doxie Meet Up today
  76. Columbus meetup pics
  77. So hard to get out of bed...
  78. Max is so darn independant.
  79. I wants more lambchops-by Cricket
  80. Peaches vs. the Irish Wolf Hound!
  81. With 2 dogs....
  82. Dachshund grabs roman candle
  83. Poop, poop and more poop!
  84. Question of the Day
  85. Daddy's girl
  86. Ruby oh Ruby Roo
  87. Lemme OUT!
  88. Uppity working girls & other NYC moments
  89. Cricket and his stuffed bone
  90. I had my first doxie pile last night!
  91. He learned it from guys!
  92. Triple tongue face wash
  93. My vain little boy
  94. Kisses kisses and more kisses!
  95. We are back from sunny florida
  96. The park trip
  97. Herman and Harold are in a Book!
  98. Beware the Wasp Hunter!
  99. The Reluctant Pooper
  100. Expert escape artists...
  101. Meeting new people - will Tasha finally get socialized?
  102. Heaven...I'm in Heaven
  103. We're famous!!
  104. Tasha LIKES a big dog - knock me over with a feather!
  105. Peaches and the Rottweiler
  106. Two's a crowd?
  107. Who is that dog?
  108. Sebastian wasn't satisfied with Sofie's bday meal
  109. It really is a small world after all (aka Buddy's medical adventure)
  110. Guess What Pippit Did For The First Time?????
  111. Where the HE** is Shadow????
  112. A day in the off leash park
  113. Piper Man Plays Ball Too!
  114. Never too old to learn?
  115. Blowing Bubbles
  116. Miller and the Squirt Bottle
  117. Forgive me DLC, for I have...
  118. Max and the tub
  119. Mitzi there is nothing back there!
  120. Tasha's second meeting with Emma the Weimaraner
  121. Interloper in our Backyard,, scared me to death!!!
  122. Yapping Dogs
  123. Time out
  124. It snowed..... INSIDE!! (pics)
  125. What is your Pups special talent?
  126. Did I ever tell you guys..
  127. Lions & Tigers & RAIN, Oh my!!!
  128. What a Way to spend your Gotcha Day!
  129. anyone have a pup that...
  130. I think Pippit is mad at me!
  131. First time at the offleash dog park yesterday....
  132. Not much of an ADVENTURE but...
  133. He'll never do it again
  134. First fly of the year
  135. Our Hike/My Day Off(sorry no pics)
  136. Barking a happy sound?
  137. Juney and Trixie’s Iowa adventures
  138. 2 Lovely hours at the Offleash Dog park,,
  139. Mmmmm... ice cream!
  140. Rabbits! Rabbits! Rabbits everywhere!
  141. OMG, she PEED all over me!!
  142. Dachshund Day at Tim Hortons?
  143. Poor Dudley
  144. Oh the grosest way to start a Sunday morning
  145. Scooter got locked out!!!
  146. Thunderstorms
  147. Pee pee Tasha strikes again--and again!
  148. Dudley's grooming photos
  149. Oh no! Some critter is occupying this burrow!
  150. uh Oh Oscar is high again
  151. VERY Scary Experience!
  152. We fell in love w/ a pup we met on our walkie!!
  153. Juney got beat up yesterday!!
  154. Dachshunds & Agility, flyball etc.
  155. Weird Bailey
  156. Night Crawlers!!!!!!
  157. He really CAN listen!!
  158. Rigby VS. Crazy A. Squirrel, Season Two Begins today...
  159. Laika, Badger Killer
  160. Rieke the huntress strikes again!
  161. What trouble they get into when ignored 2 minutes
  162. I will wait for my Mommy to come home!!!
  163. Bonding time!
  164. They Keep Encouraging Otto
  165. Austin's Contribution to the Move
  166. Austin: Too Smart for Me
  167. I'm Telling!
  168. Gigi's "adventure"
  169. Is that your butt ringing?
  170. I think I've died and gone to heaven!
  171. Yum Tuuuuna!!!
  172. Skating with Dachshunds
  173. Owey running with the "big dogs"
  174. Honk if you love dachshunds- two short wiener "tails"
  175. Owen and the Flyswatter
  176. Juney and her squirrel friend
  177. Just call me Cesar!
  178. Tasha got flipped at the park tonight!!
  179. Mommy's Little Hero- is there anything Butters can't do??
  180. Toilet Paper
  181. Adventures in Babysitting - Molly: Day 1
  182. Adventures in Babysitting - Molly: Day 2
  183. The Non Love
  184. mikey d's adventures in flying
  185. Ewwww- a present for Mommy?
  186. Adventures in Babysitting - Molly: Days 3-5
  187. Peaches Humped Piper!
  188. Rigby VS. the C. A. Squirrel and family
  189. WTF? How much booming can one dog take??
  190. First agility class tonight!!
  191. Tasha's run in with CA Squirrel's Brooklyn cousin
  192. ARRRGH More Boomies!!
  193. Up Up and AWAY!
  194. The Twinkie Thief!!
  195. Eaten alive
  196. sleep over adventure with POGO.
  197. NJ Doxie Event - Breezy Spirit Award
  198. NJ Doxie Events - Win and Loosing
  199. Two more places I can take my crew
  200. Pippit's Latest Adventure
  201. So I was out front
  202. poor birdie
  203. The Walk From Heck
  204. Are we living in fireworks central???
  205. Dolly's Zoomies
  206. Dudleys taunting Boomer
  207. Laika the agility weiner, SUCKS part II
  208. Why DO they Zoom???
  209. New Vet
  210. laser pointers
  211. Am I the only one
  212. Juney and Trixie are too much of a hunter!
  213. Goob and Cat's Idea....
  214. Playing Hard to Get
  215. Zoomie!
  216. Trixie's 1st Retail Experience!
  217. Mr. Butters went to school on Take Your Dog to Work day!!
  218. Bailey and Reese are in the office for Take Your Dog to Work Day!!
  219. Gi in the office!
  220. Look out BUDA Texas!
  221. Mikey D's adventures in DC
  222. Pippit's Day
  223. Lexie and the Elks
  224. Trixie and the fraudulent Prince
  225. Bunny extravaganza in the park!
  226. How Cool Is This???
  227. I Kissed A Baby Deer
  228. The Anipals on Watch
  229. Austin has Blonde High Lights*NOW WITH PICS
  230. How Much Can One Doxie Take???
  231. Duchie Does Debbie
  232. Any tips for plane travel with Snotter?
  233. Snooters Airplane adventure
  234. My weekend wif Daddy
  235. I just called to say I love you
  236. Snooter's Trip Home
  237. Italian Fest or Wiener Dog fest?
  238. Chat Sat night?
  239. Water Fun
  240. Playing Tag
  241. THUD! "Mommy, mommy, mommy!!!"
  242. lost maddie in the big bed
  243. I guess its time...
  244. Walkie
  245. Guess what?
  246. Cats! People! Cry! Growl!
  247. 1 partially open gate + 1 missing dog =
  248. Mimi Zoomed
  249. Rigby VS. C.A. Squirrel AGAIN
  250. Gi at work day 2