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  1. Does anyone freeze kibble?
  2. Sweet Breath
  3. The wonders of pumpkin
  4. What's the weirdest food that your doxie likes?
  5. Frozen Gravy in Kong
  6. Great website for treats and other goodies
  7. Wheat
  8. Milk?
  9. Pippit Tested, Pippit Approved!
  10. Pork raw? Liver?
  11. Food Related Story
  12. So... you think YOUR dachshund is hungry...
  13. Isabel's waistline
  14. FYI Customer alert Diamond Dog Food
  15. Harley has been put on a diet.
  16. Great raw feeding book
  17. Reese is being picky...
  18. Shopping list
  19. Is Innova too rich for your puppers???
  20. More deaths related to Diamond Dog food
  21. FDA and Greenies
  22. Anyone try those cow/pig hooves
  23. Anyone having issues with the "new" Wellness?
  24. Nature's Variety Question
  25. Raw Food - making the switch - help!
  26. Nature's Variety Raw - frozen medallions
  27. My quest for kibble will be the end of me...
  28. Info on raw feeding
  29. How to choose a commercial dog food
  30. Freeze Dried Coated Kibble
  31. Home Made treats
  32. Nature Valley Medallions
  33. EVO kibble
  34. Taffy thinks the yard is a salad bar
  35. Sardines - which kind to choose
  36. Heidi/Princess first RAW meal last night,,
  37. Link for free frozen medallions
  38. Dog food comparison chart
  39. Discount on some good kibble
  40. Baby steps
  41. Courtney, some expertise advise please
  42. How many feed raw, feed kibble and raw, premix etc..
  43. Ok, it's Gigi's turn...
  44. 2nd raw meal
  45. Eating Paper
  46. Feeding Fido
  47. Kongs
  48. just a thought
  49. "Exotic Proteins"
  50. I fed the raw medallions last night...
  51. If you feed the raw medallions....Come in!
  52. Just posted in Hot dog, pic of raw eating
  53. Dumb question I am sure - raw and salmon oil
  54. I'm either starving them
  55. Question about sprouted grains in NV patties and medallians
  56. Reese is on the mend.
  57. If I wanted to give some sort of RAW meat this weekend...
  58. NV Medallions
  59. THey're on to me
  60. Reese - you will be the death of me...
  61. Am I starving her?
  62. THe crunch is on!
  63. NV Coupon
  64. Anybody order from Hare Today?
  65. OK so maybe Hershey loves his vet tech
  66. Just placed an order with Sitstay
  67. Greenies Smart Biscuits
  68. What Age Do I Switch....
  69. Very intresting article. Different meat protein for different breeds ....
  70. Sam likes chicken!
  71. We tried pork tonight
  72. What about Raw Turkey Necks??
  73. Spiral bully sticks--anyone tried 'em?
  74. Lonsdale book available FREE online
  75. How to cut a flossie in half--need advice
  76. Nature's Variety Medallions - RABBIT!
  77. Stella & Chewy's raw medallions
  78. Recommend a food and treats for a sensitive stomach
  79. Solid Gold's Green Cow Tripett
  80. Stella and Chewy's---Tasha approves!
  81. Prey raw food question
  82. Raw Feeding And An Almost Vegetarian Human
  83. More Dog food than people food???
  84. Omega O.D???
  85. Raw Medallions question - how much per meal?
  86. Can I give Human Salmon Oil supplements,,
  87. A Raw Funny
  88. Garlic
  89. Starting Raw Tomorrow
  90. My Raw Shopping Trip/Bagging Adventure
  91. Not For The Faint of Heart(Pippit's First RAW Meal)pic heavy
  92. What should I feed her?
  93. Germy raw chicken kisses--am I paranoid?
  94. Raw and Gaining Weight
  95. Nutro Ultra
  96. To Skin, or Not to Skin...That is the Question
  97. B&R get a chicken thigh
  98. B&R and how much they weigh
  99. Picky eater--Miss Tasha says YUK to beef medallions UPDATE
  100. Raw medallions and vacation
  101. This site has everything!
  102. Low Phosphorus Level
  103. Greenie alternative - Health Pro FreshSticks
  104. Our first attempt at raw - NOT a success!
  105. Ummm... I think he's getting the hang of it...
  106. Thanks for the info on greenies!
  107. The freezer
  108. Raw Feeding and Bile Barfies
  109. I learned something new...
  110. More Fiber (hates canned pumpkin)
  111. Raw Feeding and Humping
  112. Grade your dog's food!!
  113. Another great dog food review section
  114. Nibbler or woof it down?
  115. Help! I'm about to give up on the raw diet!
  116. Deer Antlers as a dog chew (I am NOT making this up)
  117. Finally got brave and fed Tasha a sardine....
  118. Warning on pet food preservatives
  119. Anyone know a dog friendly frosting I can make?
  120. Princess Puked her raw food
  121. The raw vs. commercial debate
  122. Beef short ribs
  123. Turkey bones
  124. Minty fresh breath!!!
  125. Back to Raw!
  126. changing Dookie's food
  127. Question about Greenies
  128. Well! I guess he likes it dry!
  129. RAW feeders who are traveling to Ohio...
  130. Frosty Pawz?
  131. Help w/ wieght loss!!!
  132. Cricket and the Father in Law
  133. Good find on treats
  134. RAW diet help
  135. Can someone explain this to me?
  136. Treat question...
  137. Healthy Treats
  138. Easy - soft treat recipe
  139. Thanks, Jen. Now you did it.
  140. Popsicles - Sugar Free??
  141. Non-US rawhide--it is safe?
  142. Puppyhood
  143. for you raw feeders...
  144. Snooter caught a fly!
  145. HRH food change
  146. Royal Canine
  147. I can't buy what I can't find!!!!
  148. We Have A Wiener, I Mean Winner
  149. Thank you for my food, Mommy!
  150. Has anyone tried these?
  151. Soft chewies?
  152. Dine with your Dog Day
  153. Got Fat Dogs?
  154. Anyone try these yet?
  155. Want venison?
  156. Taffy's Birthday is coming up
  157. Tasha's birthday meal for Sunday - raw chicken leg?
  158. Whole prey Rabbit feeding question!!!
  159. Tasha and the chicken leg--video!!
  160. help with changing over
  161. Shame on Me
  162. Individual tuna noodle casseroles
  163. Sardines?
  164. Austin, the Clever Weener and Puppy Suppertime
  165. Hot Dog...literally
  166. Max is officially my little piggy
  167. Courtney, Calling Courtney!!!
  168. I just made some doggie meatballs.
  169. I was conned by the best
  170. Apple Crunch Pupcakes
  171. Thos of you who feed medallions
  172. Raw feeders
  173. They love but I have a complaint
  174. Do not feed chicken or turkey legs?
  175. Kong Fillings??
  176. When you give them drumsticks
  177. Jen Jen's new and improved...
  178. Scary moment here
  179. Everlasting Treat Ball?
  180. Stopping the gobbling?
  181. My DH gave cooked pork rib bones to the girls....
  182. Freeze dried NV Medallions
  183. Beneful Dog Food Alert
  184. DinoVite
  185. Beneful Dog Food U P D A T E
  186. Food Natzis DO NOT READ!!
  187. Remember the Sonic Birthday Treats?
  188. Update on Dinovite
  189. Dog Birthday Cakes
  190. Table Scraps & Fatty Foods....UPDATE
  191. Canned Nature's Variety?
  192. Hey Mom, that was OUR FAT!!
  193. Anyone know of any fresh fish that is good for dogs??
  194. Why don't the boys drink water when i am not home?
  195. Recall Dog Foods
  196. Slaving over a hot oven
  197. Recalled foods names released
  198. how much is too much???
  199. Recall Update
  200. Fromm Food
  201. Rat Poision Found in recalled Food!!!
  202. Are there any dog treats on the "bad list"
  203. What else slims down doxies?
  204. How about Goat Ears?
  205. Now RECALLING DRY food!!!!!
  206. Missing Link
  207. There is now a dog treat recall...
  208. just wondering
  209. Jerky Recipe
  210. Recalled Foods Update 4/5/07
  211. what about treats/ recall?
  212. The story behind the recall.. Update...
  213. Snooter and a mouse?
  214. Hey Food Gurus, Need Some Guidance
  215. Nutro?
  216. What should I feed our baby?
  217. Instant Hot Chocolate
  218. Recalled Food Expanded to Canada (reported 4-11)
  219. Y'all are gonna love this - Menu CFO
  220. Midnight Run - to the treat jar!
  221. Wow ....about recall
  222. Argh, Nov 2006???
  223. Food Review
  224. Natural Balance this time...
  225. Pizzle/Bully Sticks
  226. Is it in OUR food supply
  227. OT - Cat food ratings??
  228. I called Merrick about the rice
  229. Another Recall " Royal Canin"
  230. For all of you Nature Variety Raw Feeders!!!
  231. Picky eaters!!
  232. More tainted rice was imported
  233. Proposed Legislation Regarding Pet Food
  234. Raw Bones Dangerous Too??
  235. Heads up on Purina ONE
  236. Treat Recipe From a Friend
  237. Three dog bakery
  238. More food recalled
  239. Ok, I'm going for it
  240. Recall some Chicken Soup for dog Souls
  241. Raw or Kibble - what do you feed and why?
  242. More Info on the Food Recall Coming to Light
  243. Great Link for recalled food
  244. Bestros or Waggin Train Chicken Strips
  245. Breaking News
  246. Need help finding the thread....
  247. FDA expanding recall
  248. Once or Twice a Day?
  249. Is your dog's food safe yet?
  250. Help, I feel so bad for Petey