View Full Version : I SOOO want the bowl!

02-15-2007, 01:51 AM
look at these cute personalized goodies from snapfish!!!!


by the way- I just realized that since I linked this from my snapfish account that you can see all my photos by clicking choose your photo- and If you do this, you are VERY likely to see a pic of my flipping the bird to the camera...so beware! :rotfl:

02-15-2007, 08:40 AM
Since I have so many things with Dachsies on them, shouldn't the personalized leash, collar and bowl have my picture on it??? :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: Time for them to show the world their love for US!

Mama S.
02-15-2007, 06:16 PM
OOOhh I sooo owe you one! da brat wants one of those coffee table books form her wedding pictures but they are sooo high. By following your link - Snapfish does them!!!! AM gonna see how well they come out and go from there!!!