View Full Version : We is VEWWY jealous!

01-12-2006, 10:11 PM
Dis is da Hoodigans speakin'. We have a 'plaint. Our mommy has a boyfwend and we're JEAWOUS! In mommy's new job, dere is a doggy dere naned Truman. Well, we KNOW he is dere at mommy's work, cuz when mommy comes home, she is covered with golden long hair (Truman is a Golden Wetweever) and mommy smells to high heaven like she's been lovin' another doggy. Do you think our mommy still loves us? We sure want to know where we stand awound here!

Mommy: One of the duties of my new job is to take Truman out a coupla times a day for BIZNESS. He is a very lovable BIG Golden and boy howdy, I've got to keep a tight rein on him or he'll haul me down the sidewalk. The grrrrrls needn't worry cuz they're my one and onlys. Truman is sweet but they're my babies.

01-12-2006, 11:37 PM
Gee, if I were a poor neglected left behind at home puppy who just KNOWS that some nasty ole G.R. is trying to steal my Mommy's love....I would be demanding more treats :boogie: :boogie:

Kids, I'm sure your mom :hearts: you just as much as always....but asks for the treats anyway.

Gay Larsen
01-13-2006, 07:47 AM
My Golly - I just had a small fit when I weeded your e-mail; it jus gotz here cuz I liv in Kaliforneeay! You cantz letz da Hoomom tink dis is okey-dokey to do, to just drag anudder doggie home :mad: wifout askin' you. It demeans your placement in da home. Vee iss having' enuf pwoblems wifout a Golden Weetweever invadin' our space. You should tell Hoomom - - No No - demand dat Hoomom gifs U a big rest :cheer2: today & pwobabee sum tweetz too :rotfl: cuz it's takin' up lotsa bwain sells:c:cheer2: onfused: 4 U to decide ifn' da Golden can adjut to dis Hooman's cave wer day lif. Vut iff hee iss da spy vee tink iss cumin' over here & spyin' in da daytime when da Hoomom is wurkin'? So I'm signin' out now; gotz 2 help you check on dat dog - vee can meet at da dog park, okay? I'll be da vun hidin' behind da twee gettin wedddy o see if der is stranj dogeez aneewer. Katch ya later.007

01-13-2006, 09:38 AM
Dere Dolly an Madison- dis Duchie. My mommy came home stinkin of anodder dog one day too an I was bewwy wowwied too. I no likie share my mommy. Her MY mommy. Her not eben hab anodder doxie cause I requiwe ALL da atenshun.

howebber, my mommy splained to me dat udder people is not wucky enuf or smart enuf to "git a looooong little doggy" and has ta settle for udder kinds ob doggies. Dey can't help it dat dey waz not borned wike us, an dey need vuw too...not bein 'dorable wike us dey jus hab to work hard to git it.

De main ting is dis- you mommy hab to walkie dis siwwy dog since it part ob her new job, and it pworbably a nice enuf doggie... but (dis bewwy portant) her CHOOSE to share her HOME wif da two ob you.

Now... I agwee dis a goodly opportunity to exthort more tweets... howebber bare in mine dat de hoomans go to da job to get da money to buy da tweets... so in a funny way dis doggie is pwobiding you wif da bewwy tweets you lub so much. Mebbe he not so bad after all? :confused: :scratch:

01-13-2006, 09:43 AM
Too funny! Poor Dolly and Madison! To make up for your "crime" your punishment shall be extra belly rubs! :rotfl:

Gay Larsen
01-13-2006, 02:35 PM
Vee ben tinkin' dis quandree ober sum mor & tink vee vus rong on da 1st go!

Ven your Hoomom walkeez da dog named Twoooman, :appl: cuz dat her job

& da udder dog was right:cheer2: diss is a good ting 4 her to do :boogie: Vee

not vontz udder dog:scratch: 2 cum 2 Ur house butz @ same time, can C dat

dis behavior kood result in mor tweetz:banana: in da long run for evwywun.

Sowwy 2 mislead U da 1st time. Hope U notz :mad: @ us. Sumtimex open da

mouf B-4 bwain engage. :scratch: Hopez U aksept pologee fwum us, cuz if

U still :mad: @ us, der is 12 ub us 2 B :mad: @!-- Vee vont U 2 B :rotfl:

01-13-2006, 03:35 PM
Poor Dolly & Madison....I can imagine you get sniffed from head to toe when you walk through the door. So if your boss gets to bring his puppy to work, can't you bring the girls? It would be a puppy party every day of the week.

01-13-2006, 11:37 PM
Bailey can't stand it when he can smell other dogs on me! He follows me around forever afterwards sniffing my pants!

01-14-2006, 03:16 AM
Fiwst to Auntie Wisa. It's us again, the Hoodigans. We met Twooman when he was jest a puppy but now he's weel BIG. Mommy is afwaid that he would not be gentle to us middle aged gals and 'sides, Dowwy is da biggest chicken of BIG dawgs. We don't think they'd get along at all. Twooman would pwolly pway too wuff. Maybe mommy will bwing us on a day dat Twooman stays at home wiff his mommy. Oh, Twooman never barks at da customers ....... BUT WE WOULD 'cuz we're dachshunds and we're hoodigan squatters.

To Auntie Gay and all of da hounds. We is not :mad: at youze attall. We understand about the paws in mouf thing cuz we often speak before our bwain engages. Mommy even sez we don't HAVE a bwain between us. We loved your wesponse, and wanted to tell you dat we live in Californy too! 'Fact, our mommy and papa went on bacashun and went thwo your town about a month ago and LOVED it. They like doze fancy old houses wiff the fancy foo foo goo gaas on 'em. We live in San Wuis Obispo!

01-14-2006, 03:33 AM
We met Twooman when he was jest a puppy but now he's weel BIG. Mommy is afwaid that he would not be gentle to us middle aged gals and 'sides, Dowwy is da biggest chicken of BIG dawgs.
Hi Dolly & Madison! Dis is Peaches. I gots stepped on by da golden weetweever once. He wanted to pway wif me and my ball. I gwabbed da ball and runned. He runned next to me and stepped on me. Big ox! I was scared den, but I didn't let go of my ball. You both stay far far away from da golden weetweever.

Mama S.
01-14-2006, 06:22 PM
HI! Our Mommy duz de same ting. Her cums home all da time smewwin wike udder puppers:mad: Her sez her gots to be fwendwy wif da udder puppers in da park. We dont fink so. Her dont needs to be fwendwy wif anybudy but us. But her dont understand dis - mabe da perfeser can teech her sumfin. Can we bawor da perfeser??