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10-28-2014, 09:21 AM
On Saturday, I was up early and hit the ground running to get to the lunches made, coolers packed, car packed and off to a car show. We didn't get home until after 5:00. When I opened the freezer to get some ice for ice tea, water dumped on my feet. Never a good sign. Our 27 year old frig had died on us. *Groan* So off we go to Sears to buy a new one. They can't deliver it until Monday. Then we stop at the convenience store for ice and go home. The DH goes to get dinner, while I start dragging ice chests out and calling neighbors to see if anyone has room in their freezer since I have just bought $80 worth of frozen food for the dogs.

I get things iced down and some stuff over to the neighbors frig. The DH remembers that there is room in the little freezer at the office so he takes the dog food there. The frig is leaking and we have towels all over the floor and every time I walk thru I wipe up the floor.

So most of Sunday is spent getting ice, draining and re-icing stuff and tossing stuff out of the frig and then cleaning it so it doesn't start stinking. Fun, fun, fun. :rolleyes:

I finally got the new frig about 1:00 on Monday. I had forgotten how long it takes for a new frig to get cold so I still have stuff in ice chests until about 5:00 when the frig is down to 40 degrees which I figure is close enough to start putting stuff back in it. We won't have ice for 72 hours since we have to toss out the first three "batches". I"m still not sure what constitutes a "batch" (I wish they would be more specific) so I'm going to let the little bin fill up and then dump it three times. I think I'm going to get ice on the way home from work so at least I'll have some ice for my tea.

So if you didn't have a very fun weekend, just remember, it could be worse! You could have had mine! :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

10-28-2014, 09:29 AM
I think it's great that you discovered it (albeit the hard way!) and were able to get to Sears and get a new one AND that you guys are blessed enough to have the $ to buy a fresh one "as needed." I am finding that fewer and fewer people are as fortunate as we are in that regard, and that makes me sad.

But that is still a pain in the butt.

10-28-2014, 09:57 AM
ITA with Rae. An inconvenience, for sure, but could have been lots worse. Thank doG for good neighbors!

10-28-2014, 10:22 AM
I started an emergency fund years ago and it's the best thing I ever did! Now I don't have to worry when my hearing aids crap out and I have to buy new ones (2 weeks ago) or the frig dies (this weekend). It's such a help and makes life less stressful. Plus the Sears card that gets you 15% off of appliances helps.

I forgot the other part. When the unwrapped the frig, there was a very slight dent in one of the door. The guy called customer service for me and they offered me 15% off my next purchase. Um . . . No. I won't buy anything of any size until another appliances dies so not that much good to me. So then she offers me a $100.00 gift card. Hmmmm . . . I say "How about $200.00" she says "Just a moment" and comes back and says "All right. We'll give you a $200.00 store credit. Woohoo! The DH buys all his tools and stuff at Sears. When he got home and I showed it to him and told him what I did, he took one of my many refrigerator magnets and plopped it over the dent and said "That's a $200.00 magnet" :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

I agree, Suzanne. My next door neighbor is 92 now and she's the best. She didn't have any freezer space but she had a small frig in her garage that was empty so I put a bunch of stuff in there and ended up staying and chatting for like 2 hours. She so much fun. I just love her.

10-28-2014, 11:18 AM
Yikes! Good thing you acted fast and saved all that food from spoilage.
Aren't family-decorated fridges handy? :) Dent? Nah. Where? Look here at this picture that Susie drew for me, under this magnet ....