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04-29-2006, 10:53 PM
Amy, the event in Hollywood had one silver linning. That was Carla Meesek Person. She was called in last moment to replace Sonia Fitzpatrick, the Pet Psychic. although carla is very different. She does animal communications and shamanic healing . I told her what happened with Annie.

This is what she said.

" I will contact my spirit guide "K" to locate Annie. Ok, she is with him now. She says she is sorry she hurt Amy, but when she was running away, her soul was not in her body. She had many hurts from this world. She is showing me a pregnant woman who was a drug user.
She is content to be on the other side. she has many loving spirits near her. Please do not blame yourself. If you want her to,she will be happy to come back. If you wish her back, she says look for her in a spotted puppy form and know that is her. she does not want to come back as a rescue dog again, she wants to be wanted and sought out. If she comes back to this world it will only be for you and at your request. Either way she is happy and content."

Then Carla did some shamanic type "praying" for healing for you Amy.


Oh, her website is www.spirithealer.com and her email is carla@spirithealer.com.

I got a GREAT loving feeling from her.

04-30-2006, 02:32 PM
WOW, I got total goosebumps when I read your post - ummmm, I know Beckie has "spotted" dogs!! Have you been thinking about adding piebald to your family at all Amy? That is just so interesting.