I'd like to tell all these know it alls who say "they're just dogs" that they should only wish they are so smart.

As I may have mentioned, Taffy has a ring addiction. Poor baby, she can't help herself....she has to have that rubber ring. She chews it, has to have it thrown for what seems like hours at a time - until we finally take it away and put it up on top of the cabinet. She actually starts begging for it first thing when I wake up, and within 15 minutes after I get home for work. And she chews, and chews, and chews. This is a semi-hard rubber ring we found at Walmart. They had stopped selling them, but thank heaven, started again. Obviously, with all that chewing, she chews them up....and fortunately doesn't swallow it.

The problem was, after the last one bit the dust, none of the new rings would do. She begged, we gave her a new ring. She whined, we showed her the new rings. Nothing helped. I rubbed it all over me, hoping the scent would help. Nope. We had three different rings out, and none would do. Taffy was miserable, and she really wanted her ring. I was totally frustrated, too, not knowing what to do for her, because all of them were just alike.

Daisy walked over, looked at the ring, picked it up and started chewing on it. Daisy does not play with the rings, doesn't care for them, just could care less. The only time she shows any interest in them is to annoy her sister, and then only for about 30 seconds. She laid in front of Taffy, chewed on the ring, and then gave it to me. I threw it, and she chased it. Taffy could not believe her eyes, and off she went after the ring.

We now have a happy Taffy again. Daisy just gave me that wise look of hers and walked back over to her crate and laid down to watch her goofy sister chase the ring until we couldn't stand it anymore. We didn't know what to do, but Daisy did. How did she get to be so smart?