This is a pic of my 1st dog I got at age 4. We had a blizzard coming the year I turned 17 & I let Missy off her chain so she could get someplace warm. We lived on farms all of lives & she could go to the haybarn to stay comfy.
Well, she left the yard sometime after it started to snow and I never saw her again. I don' t know if she went to someone else' s house & they kept her or what ever happened. She was a wonderful girl, loved going on walks, she helped herd cows to the barn everyday, walked me to the bus stop & was there after school waiting for me to get off the bus in the afternoon.
I don' t know what her breed is & never saw another dog that looks like her.
I' ve seen some that kinda looks like her, but not JUST LIKE HER!
She was the best pal I ever had as a child & when I grew up she was gone!
This pic was taken 1987 she was a little heavier than normal, but she was older here.
Missy 1977-1989, the best of the Good Ol' Days is remembering her:hearts: !