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    Default Why doesn't somebody DO something?

    I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter...
    The cast-offs of human society.
    I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness and betrayal.
    And I was angry.
    "God", I said, "This is terrible! Why don't You DO something?"
    ............God was silent for a moment and said softly,
    "I have done something....I created you."

    Teary eyed with thanks and appreciation for all of our rescue angels. IMHO you do not have to reach the heights of Tonya or Yo or Shonda, and SO many more of our board (all of whom have my deepest, highest respect) in order to be a rescue angel in training.

    Adopting even just one little doggy, saved from certain death in a shelter... there on death row for no reason other than he/she was born.... well, I think that gets you wings. (Maybe not the ultra deluxe extra feathery ones those gals have, but wings nonetheless....)

    You may not be able to save all the dogs in the world, but you may be the world to that one dog.

    To EVERYONE who rescues, whether it means sitting on a board, cleaning kennels, running transport, donating to keep those activities going, or adopts from rescue, and thank doG for you.
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    Amen!!! (I'm proud to say I adopted two rescues, and fostered one, so far.)
    Hoomom who was blessed with Jack. RIP Sweet Cynda 6/3/10, loving Lexie 9/13/13 and Jack, 3/22/16.

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