It was so cool to see some of the older posts about my little Flying Sausage! However, they came at kind of a tough time for me. Just the other day I decided that Peaches is retiring from Flyball. We went to a tournament New Year's weekend, and while she had an absolute blast, she can't handle the hurdles like she used to. They are 7" tall and she is only about 8" at the withers. Since I want to see her chasing balls for many more years to come, I felt that continuing to run her in flyball would be too strenuous.

This is soooo hard for me. We started with the sport because of Peaches' love for the ball. Well, it was not only her passion, but quickly became one of mine as well. We traveled so many places, and made so many good friends. Running her was so special to me that I never let anyone else do it. I even went to a tournament with food poisioning because the team needed her, and I didn't trust anyone else to handle my girl.

I am going to attend a few more tournaments to get Piper his 30,000 point plaque. He's not too far away, and he deserves that honor. I never thought he'd run, and he became such a great flyball dog! It will be tough to have my girlie there and not run her, but I can take her outside and throw the ball. She doesn't care where she gets the ball as long as she gets the BALL!

Thanks to everyone for their support over the years!