Do you know that if you feed your pets a raw food diet (meat), that Petpartners, a group that helps owners train their pets to work as therapy pets, will not allow the pet into the program.

Over the past few years, interest in feeding raw protein diets to pets has been increasing. We recognize this topic is a complex one as it can impact both animal and human health. We respect that some people believe feeding raw proteins to their pets is the best for their animalís health Ė and we appreciate their choice to do so for their petsí well-being, which should always be of highest priority. At the same time, we also recognize that there is concern from medical professionals that humans, especially those with compromised immune systems, may be at a higher risk of infection by interacting with animals who eat raw proteins.
Articles in the American Journal of Infection Control, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association and other sources document that animals fed raw protein diets (including BARF or other raw protein diets) shed significantly higher amounts of pathogenic bacteria than those fed cooked proteins. Indications are that this may put some people at risk, as compared to pets being fed commercially prepared or cooked, home-made diets. Please see referenced articles to the right to learn more.
While I understand their reasoning, I am saddened that they would not allow Juney or Trixie to come into their program, I am choosing to continue feeding them a raw food diet because of my experience with Cooler.