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    she did fine today. yesterday there was a lot going on in the neighborhood. kids playing, etc.
    she is so nosey that must have been what it was because today was fine. and she has been to the vet recently and is fine.

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    Sonic is the same way. it drives me crazy. He's ok at home now but if we go anywhere he will not pee until he has to go so bad he ends up peeing on me if I pick him up or if we are at agility, he pees on the dog bed in the pen. it is truly frustrating. But I think you'd see other signs if she had bladder stones to that extent. prob. dribbling, blood in the urine...she'd be uncomfortable when trying to urinate. but a vet check is always good.
    I have no idea why Sonic does what he does. any other boy dog I've had wants to pee on everything and can't wait to go. he doesn't even lift his leg but will pee in the house more readily than outside. arrrggjjj!
    good thing he is cute...
    Amy, Laika, Owen and Salsa

    and Segue

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