We got to Buda late in the afternoon on Friday. I tossed the blankets on the couch and Cash promptly claimed the end of the couch and spent all his in room time there or on the bed.

Darby couldn't leave his ball alone long enough for me to get a pic of him. After all, he'd been without his ball for over 2 hours driving over!

On Saturday, the walk up to the park was pretty eventful. There were a lot people walking both ways on the sidewalk so I was walking ahead of Jim pulling the wagon with Cash in it. I hear a "thump", turn around and Cash has fallen out of the wagon! Evidently, he decided to put his front feet on the edge and lost his balance. After getting him back in the wagon and making sure he was okay, I walked the rest of the way next to the wagon letting Darby walk ahead.

And here we are at the races! Wienertopia 2017!

So we set up and let the dogs look around. Cash thought it was pretty interesting

More to come . . .