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Thread: Sick Scooter

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    Scoots has had a bit of a rough time. I've been feeding him cooked ground beef and he would do okay but when I'd try to transition him back to the raw food, he'd throw up a bit a liquid especially in the mornings. Dr C feels that he just needs a bit more time to heal so we've decided to keep him on the cooked ground beef fed in small meals 4x a day for a few weeks to give his insides time. He's lovin' getting to eat 4x a day! Cash and Darby are not fans since they are only getting fed 2x day. He seems to be feeling good and no throwing up for the last couple days so I think we're on the right track, but more are always appreciated.

    I'm doing okay. Once I got the right antibiotics, my UTI cleared up in a couple days, but now I have the requisite yeast infection so I'm taking probiotics and using some topical cream and hoping that clears up.
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    If it's not one thing, it's another, isn't it!!! tons of and Glad to hear it's all getting sorted. (Scooter doesn't ever want this to end! LOL)
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