So I set my alarm for 6 a.m. and am usually awake before then. It seems this morning Savannah was up and at em early - I heard her barking insistently at about 5:40 so went to investigate.

We have a cafe door between he kitchen and living room, and she had evidently exited the bed and snooted her way into the living room.

And killed a mouse. Yuck.

So I left it there for her daddy to pick up, fed her breakfast and fixed myself a cup of civilization in a cup, aka coffee. Returned to the recliner in the bedroom and heard the unmistakable sound of Doxie Horking.

Yep, breakfast came back up. All of it. Yuck. Now shes fine and wants to kiss me. Ummmm, no thanks.

And its only 6:30...