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    Default Blue Dog, Great Hunter

    Last night we took the dogs out to potty before we went to bed. It was hot, but not as hot as during the day, so we stood out in the garage and let them wander around the backyard a bit. Suddenly, there was scuffling in the part of the garage that Jim uses as a work room and a mouse dodged out from under the workbench area. Blue grabbed it so fast! A couple of shakes and it was a goner. Darby and Blue both wanted to investigate the kill. Ew. But they came back inside and got a treat each for being such good hunters. Actually, Blue was the hunter and Darby was just along for the excitement. They did spend about another 1/2 hour this morning looking for more victims, but didn't find any. Jim said he has been trying to catch that mouse for weeks and it just kept eating the peanut butter out of the traps. I guess we won't be needing traps anymore! Blue's foster mom did say that he was always a good hunter. Mice, bugs, anything that moves. Cash was always my little hunter but hasn't been able to hunt the last several years so now I have a protector AND a hunter.
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    Blue!! (Poor mouse... ) Cash no doubt is nodding majestically now that the reins have been passed and the house is again safe from marauders!
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    Good job Blue! Well done. I am sure word has gone out in the mouse world that there's a new sheriff in town.

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