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    Yesterday, my landlady came in with a couple of plumbers during the day while I was at work, to do some stuff to my kitchen sink. The dogs were asleep in their bed in the kitchen. Buster eventually got up to see what was going on (my erstwhile watchdog ). But Heidi never even moved. Finally, one of the plumbers looked at Heidi, then said to Maria "Is that dog dead??" Maria said she didn't know and didn't want to check in case she was Old very deef doglets do not make good watchdogs!! (She did eventually wake up blearily when Bussie crawled back into bed before they left.) Maria said she wasn't sure how she was going to tell me that Heidi was gone
    Paula & Buster
    & my s Maxe, Alex, Wendal, Jules & James, Patti, Ferkel and Heidi,

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    I often come home to find them sound asleep in bed. I go into the kitchen and start moving things and they still don't get up. I don't want to startle them. Only after a while they awaken. Old pups
    Remembering my angels Sebastian and Sofie.

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