Wook. Wook at dis. WOOK ADDIT!

Iím so very sad. Dis is mah baby. Auntie Kim gibbed it to me at Thanks-gimme-mas years ago. Dis mah fab-o-rit toy ebber. EBBER!!

I bring mah baby to da big bed ebber night. Mah baby sleeps unner da cubbers wif me. I luv mah baby.

I had been chewin on him for YEARS to get him to stink just right. I ate mah babyís face off, and him has holes in him. Him smelled bery, bery bed, and HIM WUZ PERFECT!

And Miss Dana came. Miss Dana comes ebbery udder week to clean da house, and we habbent had ENNY problems gettin along. Until now.


Now he smells all funny, like cleanness and Downey. Mommy gabe him to me when she found him on da dryer, and I sniffed him and flopped him over and sniffed him some more...

Mah baby. He is broken. How could she?