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    Default 7 months into it

    Sofie is doing ok. It has been 7 months since she went into kidney failure. I can definitely tell when she is due for fluids. Her appetite starts going. I give her fluids and she eats with normal appetite again. Lately I noticed that she started shaking and panting. Her back is also sore from being a pin cushion twice a week. Since she was in the normal range in July, I was hoping to be able to go down to once a week fluids to give her little back a break. I waited 5 days from the last infusion and took her in for labs. The results weren't great. Hey kidney numbers are up (BUN is 45 and creatinine is 1.7) and Dr Lantry wants me to give fluids 3 times a week now. Also, she seems to be having pancreatitis flare. Her lipase is in 600s.

    She still enjoys going outside for a lizard hunt, and a comfy bed. I will support her as long as she does enjoy her life. It is hard to watch her age.
    Remembering my angels Sebastian and Sofie.

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    It is hard, Olga, . But I love that you're honouring her by letting her hang around as long as she wants to. Enjoy every single day with her. (BTW, how much water does she get with her food? When Heidi started failing, Laura suggested giving her a cup of water with her meals. So now she gets her 1/4 cup of kibble in a cup of water twice a day. It's totally turned it around, and kept her hydrated.) Just a thought. Sending a ton of and
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