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    Exclamation Harness help, please?

    Hi everyone, my girl Bella is actually a Dachshund mix (w Chihuahua), but I need help for harness ideas. She has a regular basic harness and a step-in as well. Both are nylon material and are taken off when at home. However, when I take her walking, she pulls really bad and has really thin hair under her armpits and the harness rubbing them, created small sores. So I'm in need of suggestions as to what type of harness I can get her to prevent this from happening again. Thanks guys!

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    Hi and !! Is she more chi or dachsie? There is a type of harness designed specifically for dachsies called hugadox which many of us use. They are custom fit and are great!! I've found the normal harnesses you buy at the pet stores don't fit right. The Buddy Belt is another option, but they're a better fit on dogs over 10 lbs.
    Good luck!
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