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    Default Miss them terribly

    We have a volunteer who brings her Brussels Griffon Zorro weekly to visit patients and staff. Zorro is a certified therapy dog. I haven't seen him since I lost Sofie and Sebastian due to my school schedule. I saw him yesterday and he was super sweet. I held him and he kept licking my hand and giving me sweet kisses. It reminded me S&S giving me kisses and how much I miss them. And I lost it and ended up in tears at work. I have been so busy trying to wrap up the semester while still working full time. And now the grief hit me again. It is amazing how big of an impact those little sausage dogs with their short stubby legs have on our lives. I'd like to think they are still hanging around. But I miss those kisses
    Remembering my angels Sebastian and Sofie.

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    Olga. it's funny, isn't it, how grief emerges at times when we least expect it. As I'm watching Heidi getting ready to join Ferk, and look at Bussy, and am so conscious of the cancer eating his liver (although for now he's his old silly self) I'm mentally getting ready for a life (for a while at least) without dogs. It's not a pleasant thought (except for the catching up on my sleep part ). I know exactly how you feel. But they don't go far, our guys. I know that for a fact. And if you find yourself dreaming of those wonderful licks, know that they really were there, trying to give comfort and love, cuz that's what dogs do.
    Paula & Buster
    & my s Maxe, Alex, Wendal, Jules & James, Patti, Ferkel and Heidi,

    "The greatest of all mistakes is to do nothing because you can only do a little. Do what you can."

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