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    Default Errors in potty judgment

    Savannah was doing great! At seven, she would NEVER pee in the house, and (TMI) if she had to poop she’d eat most of it to hide the evidence.

    She’s seven so ok, maybe she can’t hold it all night anymore? Has started peeing in the bathroom at night. Not every night, but too many. Carpet.

    Won’t pee on the washable rug, nooooooooo ma’am!

    So I bought some potty pads to put down in her pee spot at night. She peed on the other side of it the first night. So I used it to sop up the pee so it would smell right. Second night she peed on the rug, also not on the pad.

    Last night she peed NOT ON THE PAD, NOT ON THE RUG.

    I’m used to “potty outside” dogs - help! Take up the water in the evenings?
    Take her to Brian to check for UTI?
    Set alarm for the middle of the night to take her out to go potty?? (I'd rather not...)
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