Hello - thank you for taking the time to read this.

My 9yr old dachshund has been diagnosed with cups - chronic ulcerative paradental stomatitis. This condition causes painful ulcers in her mouth. We’ve had her teeth cleaned twice in 2019 to try and help calm the ulcers. I try to brush her teeth but she resists and hates it. Her mouth is otherwise in good condition, minimal bone loss, minimal recession.

Just went to a vet dental specialist. Sounds like there’s no good solution.

Option 1) Full mouth extraction.

Option 2) Partial mouth extractions of teeth adjacent to ulcers.
Then dental cleaning every 3mos (expensive and she’s so nervous going to vet)
She has a heart murmur - worry about her going under anesthesia so often.
I need to brush her teeth 2x a day. She hates getting her teeth brushed.

- Has anyone had a dachshund have partial mouth extractions and have stomatitis cured?
- What will my dachshunds life be like without teeth?