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    Default Recovery time for many teeth extracted????

    I posted in a different thread - my dog has Ulcerative Stomatitis. Ulcers due to an overactive immune response to her plaque. Even though her teeth are in good shape shes getting these ulcers so we will opt to do partial extractions to (hopefully) get rid of the ulcers.

    Her upper front teeth (canine to canine) and her back molars (upper and lower) will be removed. About 15-20 teeth.

    Has anyone had a dog have this many teeth removed? What is recovery like?

    Her surgery is set for Feb 4th and we are supposed to be leaving on vacation Feb 10th. My mom will be watching our dog but now Im very worried she wont be healed and I dont think I can leave my mom to watch her if shes not recovered.


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    My Jules lost 32 teeth at once when she came into rescue. She was sore for a couple of days with pain meds on board, but wasn't too bad after that. Healing took a while, but she was functioning and eating in a couple of days. Is there any way you could it in 2 ops though?
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    I've never had one have that many at one time, but I've had 2 dogs that had to have several extracted. They were a bit groggy and sore for a couple days but fine after that. If you're worried could you reschedule the dental surgery for after your vacation?
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