Neither of my dogs has been well socialized before I got them. We don't have many people come to the house, so chances to do that here are limited. I let things get way out of control and Blue has tried to bite twice. I decided I needed some professional help so in January I did some private lessons with a dog trainer here. I've been really working with Blue and he's doing very well! We haven't gotten to the point of having people come up to us, but he can walk by strangers and even strange dogs without throwing a fit or trying to bite. I've been getting him out and about twice a day most days to work with him. Thankfully, a lot of people walk and walk their dogs in my neighborhood and the neighborhood park so just walking there are lots of opportunities to train.

Darby is another case! Darby acts like a fool barking and jumping around whenever he sees people/dogs/cars/bicycles. I've been so focussed on Blue that I haven't been working with Darby as much. Now that Blue is doing well, I'm working a lot with Darby. The hardest thing with Darby is that he's very quick to react. Blue was slower and it gave me more chance to distract him. As with most everything, Darby is a challenge.