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    Default I, Sabanna, have had de icky tummy

    Mom here - Sunday night my girl couldnít settle. Wouldnít go to bed, kept on wanting to go out more than usual. Shaking and doing the lip licking gig, so i knew itís wasnít going to go well...

    Woke me up to go out at 1:30, and we were up till 4. (This is why I donít have kids I guess...)

    Anyway she finally barfed up a LOT of tummy contents at about 3 and had yellow bile barfies at 3:30. I couldnít leave her home alone so I took her to Dr Brianís and she was not he normal self... but ate some tummy formula canned food and we got doggie Pepcid for a couple of weeks.

    Now weíre having a little gastric distress at the other end but that seems to be firming up.

    Howís everybody else?
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    Well, that sucks!! How is she doing now? Poor grasshopper. Tummy ickies are no fun for anyone! Sending her way.

    As for here, it's hot. Stinking hot. Bussy and I do NOT like it. We're so not used to it! I'm glad Heidi isn't having to go through it, sad as it makes me to say it. :( Month 4 of isolating at home...I'm officially not going to be working back on campus til next May at the earliest. Bussy is rejoicing!!
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