So, a little backstory…Piper was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease a little over a year ago. Our vet and the ER internal medicine specialist gave up on him and sent him home for his “final days.” With Lisa’s advice, the use of a holistic vet, and reading for hours and hours about kidney disease, we beat the odds and Piper is still with us. He has his good days and bad. Fast forward to this year and canine cognitive dysfunction has also entered the picture. Man, this has been rough. Again, he has good and bad days with it. Yesterday was not good and then he had a seizure last night. He’s had seizures before, but not frequent enough to be on medication. He is okay today, but I just needed to vent to people that understand. It’s hard seeing him struggle, and to give him proper care has been taxing. We could use a few spare rayz. Thank you for listening!