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Thread: Dachshund Books

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    Default Dachshund Books

    It seems like we have a lot of readers on the board. I thought I'd start a thread on what dachshund books you have, either books about dachshunds or novels featuring dachshunds. I collect vintage dachshund books (mostly children's books) and also read a lot of murder mysteries so that's what most of mine are. Here's my list:

    Mysteries featuring dachshunds:

    The Long Good Dog by Carol Lea Benjamin
    Hot Dog by Laurien Berenson

    Our Friend The Dachshund by Rowland Johns

    Vintage Childrens:

    Lochnivar by Graham Porter
    Whistle for Willie by Ezra Jack Keats
    Part Time Dog (LH dachs) by Jane Thayer
    Pretzel by Margaret Rey
    The Dachshunds of Mama Island by Florence Mayberry
    Circle Dogs by Kevin Henkes
    The Hallowiener by Dav Pilkey
    Bobo's Dream by Martha Alexander (a special favorite since one of Bogart's
    nicknames is Bobo)
    Doctor, the Puppy Who Learned by Helen Hoke (with beautiful illustrations by
    Dianna Thorne)
    I'll Always Love you by Hans Wilhelm

    O Diese Dackel (A beautifully illustrated vintage book in German)
    Roo Views by P.R. Magann
    Dog Days by David Hockney
    The Dog Who Came to Dinner by Waldo Zimmerman
    Dachshund Tails Rescued by Marilyn Mosley
    Dachshund Tails Down the Yukon by Marilyn Mosley
    Day of the Dachshund by Jim Dratfield
    Dachshunds Short and Long by Amanda Jones
    How to Raise and Train a Dachshund by Lois Meistrell
    Dachshund by Dr. Bruce Fogle
    Dachshunds by Edita Van der Lyn

    I think that's all. I may have to edit my list if I find more. What books do all of you have?
    Patrice and the Houston Crew (aka The Three Musketeers)

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    I also have a collection of Dachshund books. I have 59 Childrens books.

    Then I also have a large collection of dachshund behavior books, training book, natural medicines and chinese herbs.

    These are the Childrens Books I have.

    Title then Aurthor

    A Dogs Life Milde
    Albert And The Angles Leslie Norris
    Another Red Strips Jack Magestro
    Benjy and The Barking Bird Margaret Bloy Graham
    Bobbys Magic Blanket Helen Frances Stanley
    Chato's Kitchen Gary Sato
    Circle Dogs Kevin Henkes
    Dachshund Tails - Down the Yukon Marilyn Cochran Mosley
    Dachshund Tails - Rescued Marilyn Cochran Mosley
    Dachshund Tails - Up the Inside Passage Marilyn Cochran Mosley
    Dogs Days David Hockney
    Dumpling Dick King-Smith
    Flash The Dash Don Freedman
    Flawed Dogs Berkley Breathed
    Gretchen - The Bicycle Dog Anita Heyman
    Hot Dog Molly Cove
    Hot Fudge James Howe
    I'll Always Love You Hans Wilhellm
    It Came From Beneath the Bed James ???
    Love Is Always There Lisa Kent
    Mama's Perfect Present Diane Goode
    Max - The Irish Dancer Luther Gore
    Maxie V irginia Kahl
    Moe the Dog In Tropical Paradise D. Stanley
    My Secret Wish Ella Gibson
    No Love For Schnitzel Susanne Wilding
    Once Upon a Dachshund Tail Marilyn Cochran Mosley
    Part Time Dog Jane Thayer
    Peters Chair Ezra Jack Kent
    Pretzel Margaret Rey
    Puppies For Sale Dan Clark
    Red Strips Jack Magestro
    Rusty the Little Red Dachshund Dorthy K. L'Hommedieu
    Schnitzel Von Krumm - Basketville Lynley Dodd
    Schnitzel Von Krumm - Dogs Never Climb Trees Lynley Dodd
    Schnitzel Von Krumm - Forget Me Not Lynley Dodd
    Sea Dog Jenny Dale
    So Long Helen & Alf Evers
    Swollobog Alastair Taylor
    Someone Cries for the Children Lisa Kent
    The Dachshund Or Treckle Sandborn
    The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs Alexandria McCall Smith
    The Hallo-Wiener Dav Pilkey
    The Pup With The Up And Down Tail Willima Carbon ???
    The Story Of A Rich Dog anda A Poor Dog Lydia Ugolini
    The Twelve Dogs Of Christmas Emma Krager
    The Ugly Dachshund G. B. Stern
    Three Times Lost Dog Karla Hocker
    Welch Ein Hundeleben -- Ein Dackel Namens Meiky Von Regula
    What Doe Your Dog Do Everyday Jill Aurthur
    Whistle For Willie Ezra Jack Kent
    Willie's Birthday Anastasia Suen
    Wiener Dog Art Gary Larson
    Woody The Kentucky Wiener - Becomes A Dad Leigh Anne Florence
    Woody The Kentucky Wiener - The Adoption Leigh Anne Florence
    Yolanda and the FurCrew.

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    Jennifer Cruisie writes romance mystery type books (which are hilarious!!!) She often has a dachsie in them, but her novel "Faking It" has a rescue dachsie as a main character. Really worth a read!!! (I haven't unpacked my books yet, but there's a few more in there who's titles I can't remember off the top of my head.)
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    I have The Idiots Guide to Dachshunds, Dachshunds for Dummies, The Ultimate Dog care book, The Everything Dachshund Book, The Dachshund Handbook. These are all very nice to help teach you to train your Dachshund & take good care of it. I like the photos in them alot too.
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    I had NO idea there are that many dachshund books out there! Sounds like an amazing collection.


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    Jen Guest


    Dead North and The Serpent's Tail by Sue Henry feature a woman and her doxie who travel in an RV and happen so solve mysteries. I really like the series!

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    Only one I have is an original first edition of the Ugly Dachshund - Aunt Mar sent it to me from her collection before she died. I have it put away as I"m terrified of messing it up!
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    I have only a few:
    Dachshunds Short and Long (coffe table book)
    Dachshunds for Dummies
    The guide to owning a Dachshund
    The Dachshund (coffetable book)
    Becca and always in my heart Heidi and Buddy

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    Default Ndr

    Quote Originally Posted by Jen
    Dead North and The Serpent's Tail by Sue Henry feature a woman and her doxie who travel in an RV and happen so solve mysteries. I really like the series!
    I just searched this author...Jen if you like her, you should try the Dana Stabenow'd LOVE her from the sounds of it!!!! My dad got me HOOKED and you might just have gotten me hooked on Sue Henry!!!
    Becca and always in my heart Heidi and Buddy

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    Default UUUHH I can think of another....

    Yes, there is one more....hmmm, maybe MAMA knows the title to that other one...the one starring that one little doxie that does 'the Alligator:.....
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