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07-09-2006, 10:41 PM
I put this in a separate thread because the other one is growing out of control long already!!!:cheer2: :cheer2:

Fattypants laying on my mom on the way:
http://images1.snapfish.com/34757345%3A%7Ffp33%3B%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3E WSNRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A54685nu0mrj

"Why am I in the cage with the dogs? I'm a person!"
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573467%7Ffp343%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWSNR CG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A4%3A%3A9%3Bnu0mrj

Annie Oakley, in the costume contest:
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573482%7Ffp345%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWSNR CG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A62%3C37nu0mrj

A chocolate and tan puppy!
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573482%7Ffp345%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWSNR CG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A62355nu0mrj

A shot of the picnic scene- the little stands had some of the CUTEST stuff!
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573474%7Ffp343%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWSNR CG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A64629nu0mrj

Laurie' s Dachshunds
07-09-2006, 10:55 PM
Cute puppy!

07-09-2006, 11:00 PM

Something I bought at the little shops (yes, it's the one I posted a few weeks ago and really wanted!)
http://images1.snapfish.com/3475734%3C6%7Ffp339%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A5%3B%3C57nu0mrj

Tootsie Roll:
http://images1.snapfish.com/3475734%3C6%7Ffp339%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A536%3A9nu0mrj

Another random picnic scene:
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573575%7Ffp345%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWSNR CG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A5%3A%3B68nu0mrj

Hawaiian Pair:
http://images1.snapfish.com/34757358%3A%7Ffp339%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A54%3C%3A4nu0mrj

Little Bride and Groom:
http://images1.snapfish.com/34757358%3A%7Ffp339%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A528%3A5nu0mrj

07-09-2006, 11:18 PM
A Judge (see his judicial wig!)
http://images1.snapfish.com/3475735%3C7%7Ffp339%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A5%3B373nu0mrj

Little Chiquita Banana Girl:
http://images1.snapfish.com/3475735%3C7%7Ffp33%3B%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3E WSNRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A5%3B6%3A3nu0mrj

Do you love the glasses??
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573674%7Ffp33%3B%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A68933nu0mrj

A little fisherman:
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573677%7Ffp33%3B%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A66848nu0mrj

A pretty piebald girl in a ballgown:
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573696%7Ffp343%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWSNR CG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A58595nu0mrj

07-09-2006, 11:30 PM
The donated dog food pile!
http://images1.snapfish.com/3475736%3B8%7Ffp343%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A728%3B6nu0mrj

Rigby meeting (and actually being nice to) a puppy!
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573768%7Ffp345%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWSNR CG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A728%3B8nu0mrj

Another shot of the place- notice the triplets(!) in the stroller!
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573768%7Ffp343%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWSNR CG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A728%3B%3Anu0mrj

A cute pie puppy!
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573775%7Ffp342%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWSNR CG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A728%3B%3Bnu0mrj

No matter how many dachsies you have, if you have food, they will all do this!
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573775%7Ffp343%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWSNR CG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A728%3B%3Cnu0mrj

07-09-2006, 11:39 PM
"Mommy, take us OUT now!" My two did not appreciate being included with the "dogs" instead of the people.
http://images1.snapfish.com/3475737%3A%3A%7Ffp345%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3E WSNRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A72925nu0mrj

I went to give them a treat (in upper part of photo) for the pic, but she just wanted out, so she jumped as I took the picture!
http://images1.snapfish.com/3475737%3B5%7Ffp342%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A72926nu0mrj

My sister, Kim, and two VERY tired and hot Wienerhausens:
http://images1.snapfish.com/3475737%3B5%7Ffp343%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A72927nu0mrj

A cute longhaired Mommy and her teeny tiny puppies! (I think you can only see the one pup, though!)
http://images1.snapfish.com/3475737%3C5%7Ffp343%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A72928nu0mrj
More coming tomorrow- I am EXHAUSTED and can't wait for the rest to upload.

07-09-2006, 11:39 PM
Cute pics of the puppers dressed up. :hearts: Love your traveling case. My goodness, looks like the picnic was a huge success and a whole lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your cute pics. I love your pics of Mr. B and Rigby, so adorable.

07-10-2006, 12:06 AM
More puppy pics:
http://images1.snapfish.com/3475739%3B4%7Ffp343%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A76526nu0mrj

http://images1.snapfish.com/3475739%3B4%7Ffp345%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A77646nu0mrj

Mr. B and a pretty little girl (3 months old!)
http://images1.snapfish.com/3475739%3B%3B%7Ffp33%3B%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5% 3EWSNRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A76528nu0mrj

Mr. B and his identical twin! (Down to the chubbiness!)
http://images1.snapfish.com/3475739%3C5%7Ffp339%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A7764%3Anu0mrj

Rigby claiming her couch at the hotel (she was really nasty to Pippit about her couch in a very scary, bad girl way. I was not proud of her at that moment!)
http://images1.snapfish.com/3475739%3C8%7Ffp33%3B%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3E WSNRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A7764%3Cnu0mrj

07-10-2006, 12:18 AM
I don't know why Rigby's couch picture was mixed in the middle.

Another picnic scene:
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573%3A35%7Ffp33%3A%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3E WSNRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A76529nu0mrj

We met Prickles!
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573%3A39%7Ffp339%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A77654nu0mrj

http://images1.snapfish.com/347573%3A48%7Ffp339%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A7652%3Anu0mrj

My kids were pretty comfy in the hotel room- here they are wrestling.
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573%3A48%7Ffp345%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A77658nu0mrj

They were sooooo happy!!!
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573%3A54%7Ffp339%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A7652%3Cnu0mrj

Then more fighting!
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573%3A54%7Ffp339%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3EWS NRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A7765%3Anu0mrj

Our ride home produced some cute sleeping positions for Mr. B:
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573%3A6%3B%7Ffp33%3B%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5% 3EWSNRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A77666nu0mrj

http://images1.snapfish.com/347573%3A6%3B%7Ffp345%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3E WSNRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A77667nu0mrj

http://images1.snapfish.com/347573%3A6%3B%7Ffp343%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3E WSNRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A76537nu0mrj

http://images1.snapfish.com/347573%3A6%3B%7Ffp339%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3E WSNRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A77668nu0mrj

And Rigby:
http://images1.snapfish.com/347573%3A6%3B%7Ffp339%3Enu%3D3246%3E558%3E3%3A5%3E WSNRCG%3D32338%3B%3B%3A76538nu0mrj

07-10-2006, 12:40 AM
Very nice pictures Tracy, thanks for sharing-looks like everyone had a great time.

07-10-2006, 01:19 AM
Great pics tracy...your pups are beautiful....
On another note...What in the world did someone bring Puppies to a picnic w/ hundreds of strange dogs.....that is insane! Like taking your newborn baby to Disneyland! Sorry I couldn't help but notice.

07-10-2006, 03:14 AM
Great pics Tracy!! Gotta love that Prickles...... did Paddington make it too?

07-10-2006, 03:17 AM
Prickles is SO cute, I think I would have tried to bring her home. :hearts: Great photos of Mr. B & Rigby wrestling and sleeping in the car.

07-10-2006, 05:46 AM
So cool Tracy! I just adore your kids, even more now that I finally got to meet them. :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

07-10-2006, 07:28 AM
Great pics!! Thanks to all of you who have shared......

07-10-2006, 10:02 AM
On another note...What in the world did someone bring Puppies to a picnic w/ hundreds of strange dogs.....that is insane! Like taking your newborn baby to Disneyland! Sorry I couldn't help but notice.

Well... they brought the pups to GET BREEDING BUSINESS, I am pretty sure :(. At least they were kind of out of the way and kept other dogs away from them, did not let people reach in and touch them, etc. It's still pretty insane. They were absolutely adorable though, of course.

07-10-2006, 12:00 PM
Great pictures! Thank you so much for posting them! Mac said he wants to come next year!

07-11-2006, 12:28 AM
Love the weinerhausen pics, but of course, everyone elses doxies are quite adorable as well. :bighug: Ahhh! Too much cuteness!

Bella's Mom
07-11-2006, 01:42 PM
Great pictures! Sure looks like it was an awesome time! :hula1:

07-11-2006, 01:45 PM
Mr. Butters is even more handsome in person and such a love bug! It was great getting to meet all of yoU!!

Mama S.
07-11-2006, 08:45 PM
Neat neat neat!!!! Just a great time for everyone!!

07-11-2006, 09:05 PM
Great pics Tres! Wish we could rewind and do it all again! :sosad:

07-11-2006, 09:11 PM
Great pics Tres! Wish we could rewind and do it all again! :sosad:

:ditto: :ditto: :ditto: Well, maybe not all of it!!!:rotfl: :rotfl:

07-12-2006, 10:55 AM
I wanna snuggle Mr. B. So many great pics, thanks Tracy!

ITA on the puppies! They look way too young to be there.