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    Default We went on a trip!!

    Our mom has a new job and we has moved to a new place. We did not like this bery much, but what can you do? Where mom goes, we go.

    And she had to go to a conference last week!! We has no idea what dis conference ting is, but we heard her worrying about leaving us alone for lots and lots of longer den our supper time! Nope nope nopity nope...we said nope, we is going wit you. And we did!! Aldough we did hear her muttering about being crazy to take us . We mean, really! We is perfect! Just ask us .

    So we gots in da car and we drove and drove and drove. And slept. Den we was dere! It was da country like we likes to be, not in da town like where we live now (we do not likes dat so's noisy!)

    It was in Baddeck on a island (Cape Breton was its name) and dere was a cottage and a BIG lake and lots of places to run around and BUGS!!! We did not like da bugs, but mom liked dem eben less. She said she got eaten alive, but we didn't tink long as she could feed us, we was ok!

    So dis is what we looked out at: Lake Bras D'or

    We our cottage...Ferk peed on da rug dough (she does dat ) so mom rolled it up and den we only had da floor. She still shared when she was eating...dat's important!

    And we had to do da sleeping! mom says she realized dat a double or a queen sized bed doesn't matter cuz she still only gets six inches on da edge. Our mom is bery funny sometimes Bussy eben let Ferk lie next to him wifout trying to eat her!!

    And we gots to explore outside a bit, but not too much cuz ob dose pesky BUGS!

    Ferk liked da porch best cuz dere was good tings to lick off da barbecue Mom was not best pleased by dis.

    We had a good three days and was Bery Good Dogs! Hopefully mom will take us wit her next time too.
    Paula & Buster
    & my s Maxe, Alex, Wendal, Jules & James, Patti, Ferkel and Heidi,

    "The greatest of all mistakes is to do nothing because you can only do a little. Do what you can."

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