Angel left on Thursday to see her sister again (who preceded her in September), just shy of the two-year anniversary of her lymphoma diagnosis. It was a beautiful, peaceful passing just like Cassie's - minus the impending hurricane threat . Things went downhill very quickly in the last couple of days, and she was ready. I held her in my arms and she rested her little chin on her Daddy's hand. I told her to look for Cassie.

Our vets and staff were wonderful.

These girls and I have been a "pack" for almost 15 years. They meant the world to me. I couldn't comprehend an existence without them, so when Cassie left, I told her she could go anywhere but her home was in my heart. I can feel her presence and she "talks" to me daily. I can sense her sister with her and that they are enjoying each other, which makes me very happy. This was maybe not always the case in life, (haha) but since they shared a womb, they definitely had a bond.

Angel was my little dog soulmate; she and I were very, very much alike. She followed me throughout life, but also had a very special connection with her Daddy. He did everything he possibly could for her this last few weeks. Good thoughts for him are appreciated.

I'll post a little celebration of their lives on here soon... don't have many pictures on my phone or current Surface.

I love you so much, my Angelina. You were such a treasure and the best girl ever. With me, always.

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