My snuggle boy Sebastian joined Sofie last night at the rainbow bridge. My cream bookends are back together My heart is so broken. I want him back so badly.

It happened so fast and decisions had to made so fast. He was fine. No signs of trouble. And then another minute he was weak and wouldn't stand. And I was hoping it was not his back. And at the same time i was hoping it was his back because I knew how to deal with it. I took him to e-vet right away and they found a ruptured hemangioma. He was bleeding out internally. His age wasn't in his favor. His blood pressure was very low. He would have needed blood before surgery, and emergency surgery to remove his spleen. It was very likely to be cancer and he may have not made it through surgery. And if he did, he would have lived only another 2-3 months with this type of cancer. Possibly 6 months with chemo.

He was a very special boy from the time I got him. He was 9 weeks old. We had a special connection. Every time I was upset or stressed, he would put his head on my shoulder. It made me feel so much better.