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    What a day on the dog front. I'm at a conference for a few days in the city and the dogs are staying at Barry's during the day. We've been fighting hard to bring Heidi out of this latest pancreatic attack, and it's been touch and go. I honestly wasn't sure if she'd be making the trip back home with me tomorrow. And Bussy has been showing all the symptoms of Cushings so he had an ultrasound yesterday, and we were going to do the ACTH Stim test today, depending on what the U/S showed.

    So I'm in the first session of the conference day, when my cell shows a call from Barry's. They called to let me know that they weren't going to do any tests until they'd had a chance to discuss the U/S in person. This is never a good thing, in my experience. So I go in for 5:15. And it's not good. Not immediately fatal, but not good.

    The radiologist said while there may or may not be changes to the adrenal gland for the Cushings, the U/S showed that his liver is huge, and is covered in nodules / tumours which may or may not be benign. We didn't discuss doing a biopsy because his gallbladder is so full of sludge that it's lost all motility, and is in danger of rupturing if we can't get it sorted. So he's on urso and Aventi C liver (I have both at home because Heidi's on them). And of course low fat food (which works out ok, since I've just finished his Rayne bag and just bought a full low fat bag for Heidi, except that she's now decided that she won't eat kibble but is eating low fat meat instead.

    Then to add insult to injury, when they were trying to get blood to recheck Heidi's pancreas numbers, she freaked out and in the kerfuffle, got a needle stick in the eye. OUCH!!! the girls felt SO bad!!! So now she's on 2 kinds of eye drops for a week, plus antibiotics. So not good, but no one's fault. stilll....

    Remind me why I adopt old dogs??
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