We had to help this little guy to the Bridge yesterday. He's been my mom's faithful companion since he was six months old. He turned 14 on June 17.

He either had end-stage CCD, or maybe there was a growth in the brain. At any rate, neurological issues were rapidly progressing, and it was the right time.

He was an extremely smart and intuitive dog, who knew an amazing amount of words before losing his sight and hearing in recent years. He loved people and enjoyed his walks. We never really worked hard enough to get the girls used to him, and he kind of stepped on them... Angel was having none of that . But we did walk them together on occasion.

Rayz are appreciated for my mom, who is very sad and lost right now, as he required a lot of care and attention at the end.

We love you, handsome guy. Go stir up your cousins, and send Mom some signs that you're still around.

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