In January my doggy had a UTI. We treated it, it went away, all good. Since then, off and on, he has been lethargic, not eating, and showing some signs that his back legs/hip area is hurting him. We’ve been to our regular vet and then to an internal medicine doctor, who took X-Rays, urine cultures, and countless blood tests to check on kidney and liver function. Everyone comes up with “we can’t find anything.” The problem is, we definitely know something is wrong. He is usually a rambunctious, vibrant 2 year-old who suddenly sleeps all day and eats peckishly for about a week, and then returns to normal. The doctors say if it was IVDD he wouldn’t be able to move his back legs at all, but I’m concerned it could just be early signs??? Also, before he was on a urinary diet (started in January) he was on one of the dog food brands that had over 50 cases that could be linked to heart disease. Seeking advice on how to move forward with vet specialists, as well as if anyone has encountered a similar situation with their pupper before.